my first Bernina


My first Bernina was a 140.  I was looking for a machine that could handle teddy bear fur.  So I trekked from store to store looking at sewing machines, many places wouldn’t even let me try the piece of fake fur I had brought with me.  I told them I had to know if the machine would be able to sew through the thickness.  Every other sewing machine disturber handed me a piece of fabric that looked very much like a sew in interfacing and told me to try out the machine.  I said no I need to use what I brought.  That didn’t go well and I was asked to leave from a few stores.  Finally I stumbled on to a shop that was selling Bernina’s.  I had heard of the machine but didn’t have much information on it.  So when the young lady that was demoing the machines told me take one for a test drive, I explained that I needed a machine that would be capable of standing up to fake fur.  She assured me that the machine to handle any thing I could throw at it and if I had a piece of fake fur she would be glad to let me try it.  I told her I did and she said go for it.  It was like a dream come true, the fur just moved through the machine with no effort.  My husband who was standing by watching told me, that’s the machine you need to buy it’s the Mercedes of sewing machines.

As the young lady was writing up the receipt for my 140 she said when you are looking for a sewing machine you should always take what is your worse nightmare to sew and try it on the machine, if it works then you found your machine.

And today I’m just as happy with my 730 as I was all those years ago with my 170.  After all its the Mercedes of sewing machines.

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