My First Bernina 730


Through the years I have had many different sewing machines. However, I always wished for an embroidery machine and  I knew that Bernina made the best.  I also did not have a lot of money.  I saved up and priced them.  I went to look for ideas on ebay.  There, bright and shiny, was a 730, embroidery for bid.  We were leaving to visit my Daughter for Christmas and before I left, I made my final bid.  Upon arriving 2 hours later, I had my Daughter check ebay to see how the bidding was going.  Low and behold, I had won the bid.  I still have her and she is still sewing great.  I now own a 830 embroidery machine and love them both. Ginny Cook, Ohio

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  • I worked all summer in 1977 as a Dietetic Intern at the local hospital and was able to save all my money. I bought a Bernina 830 with my savings. My mom bought a Bernina 830 in 1978. I now have both machines and they are still in use. These have been hardworking machines that have made everything from quilts, quilted bags, wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and every clothing and several winter coats over these many years. Thank you for making such a durable machine!

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