Bernina 180E


A Bernina store opened down the street from my home and I used to stop in to dream of owning a Bernina Embroidery Machine… That same year my husband surprised me at Christmas with the best Christmas gift ever: my brand new Bernina 180E complete with a treasure chest of thread, stabilizer, etc. I believe it was the late 1990’s. I had barely gotten to know my Bernina 180E when the Bernina Artista 200 was introduced and I was given the opportunity to trade up my 180E for full credit toward the Artista 200 and keep my free “treasure chest” of goodies. I still own my Bernina Artista 200 and use it every week for sewing something crafty. Sadly my job transferred me to another state & I can honestly say I miss that Bernina dealer every day. The dealer is still open & we stopped in during our vacation last December, 17 years later, and they still remember our names like we never moved away.  Sew that’s my 1st Bernina story…

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