I am a Bernina Girl


My first Bernina was a Bernina 930 but it was not my first machine. You see my husband gave me a sewing machine as a wedding present when we got married in 1969. I was so touched by his thoughtfulness giving me something that he knew I would use a lot. But I never bonded with that machine, it just did not sew very well but since he gave it to me as a wedding present I did not see how I could tell him that I wanted a new machine. So I used that machine for 15 years. But I yearned for a good machine and finally I was able to get a new one. But which one. I live in a very small town but there was a Bernina dealer in the town next to ours.  So I started there and never looked any further.  I had heard of Bernina’s but never had an opportunity to try one.  Well I feel in love with the Bernina 930. What a joy, it had a beautiful stitch and the knee lever was such a treat. I was hooked for life. I used that Bernina 930 for 25 years making suits, pants, blouses and wonderful things for the house. I still have my Bernina 930 and it still purrs along. But I wanted to get into embroidery and have more features so I bought a 730 around 2005. While I do embroider, I love all of the decorative stitches and features.  I traded my 730 for the 830 and then the 880 Sterling. Just think, with the Stitch Designer feature I can modify the existing stitches or make my own stitch!  I am in heaven; the possibilities are endless being able to make any stitch look the way I want with all the wonderful functions.  And having hover, dual feed and all that space makes it such a treat to sew. I can’t wait to see what Bernina has in store for future machines.  I will always be a Bernina Girl!  Thank you Bernina.

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