My Sewing Room


My mom taught me to sew when I was a kid and gave me my Bernette 65 sewing machine by Bernina many years ago.  As an adult, I’m glad she did teach me since I now have a greater appreciation for hand made items and the process of sewing itself.  I find it relaxing and a creative outlet.  I recently turned a room in my house into my sewing room and I had some basic criteria:  lots of light, lots of room to cut out fabric, a standing work space (since I sit all day at work), and it must be cat-proof!  With the help of my mom, i accomplished that by using 4 Ikea cabinets with 2 Ikea desk tops over them.  I can hide away all my craft and sewing notions from my cats and the current projects are stored on an Ikea cart that I roll into the closet for safe keeping when I’m not working on them.  Just this past Fourth of July, I found 3 cute sewing thimble planters at a flea market which I have in my sewing room, as well.  I like minimalistic, clutter-free spaces.  Now to work on finishing my daughter’s Halloween costume and check out some of the “Sewing Ideas for your Sewing Space” from your September 14th email!

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