My Sewing Space


Oh boy!  I’m packed into a 10′ x 12′ room but somehow I make it work!  With the cutting table, sewing table and the Bernina Q20 taking up the available ‘wall’ areas and one wall being all closet……….you can see how tight it is!

I’ve been sewing for 52 years and cannot imagine NOT sewing, I consider sewing my ‘drug of choice’ as it keeps me happy and motivates me daily!

I teach sewing classes, quilting classes and also do FMQ’ing for customers in my ‘spare time’ !  I’m grateful for every day that I can enjoy the art of creating and teaching others the joys of sewing.

One comment on “My Sewing Space”

  • I don’t have much room in my sewing room either and my Q20 just fits too. I find myself using the one end of its table as a cutting surface. My 24 x 36″ mat fits on it perfectly. It’s easy to remove the mat when I want to play with my beloved Q20.

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