My Shiny Place


Following the blog, I see another contest…who doesn’t want to win! Love prizes! Okay, what’s required? Sewing room…got that! Wait, what to do? Take pictures or clean up room and take pictures?…do I want everyone out there to see me as organized or a hot mess? Will people be kind, give me the benefit of the doubt… She’s in the middle of a project She’s in the middle of many projects She’s never going to finish this, or anything She hasn’t been in the room in years If she has been there, she has no idea where anything is Maybe she is there; lost under the mess Okay, I’m going to stop procrastinating. Heading up to take pictures…wait what shall I call this place of sanctuary? The Hall of Heroes…too lofty. The Room of Creation…no, too disrespectful to those of higher calling. Throne room…no that would be the next room over. The Haven of Sanity….no, implies that when I am not in the room, I’m insane. Wait. Okay, no, just no. Calling it a craft room doesn’t give it justice, sewing room too limiting. How about Carol’s Shiny Place? A place where I can be distracted without guilt, where time stops and the world can pass me by. A place where, for just a short time, I can feel in control of my destiny, master of my fate and captain of the ship (shop, whatever). Having spent 30+ years of sewing on dining, kitchen counters and coffee tables, it is truly a gift to have a room.

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  • I told my husband when I moved to my “giant” sewing space (albeit the basement), I would now be refering to it as my “sewing studio” LOL. Anyway, I LOVE your sewing space! I have a large room, but your windows….wow. You are one lucky girl. I hope you enjoy it every single day!

  • Love your sewing room but love your description more! I would have posted similarly but I procrastinated too long ?. Thanks for your honesty and humor. Perhaps today I will excavate in mine so that I can start the quilt for Grandson #3 Whois due tomorrow. ?

  • Walked into the room to work on the next project and got distracted by glitter on the floor, but then saw some pins that dropped. Picked up the pins, returned them to the material, noticed that it was raining and I had some windows cracked open. Cleaned up the windowsills, cleaned up the glitter (still can’t find the magical fairy that dusted the room) and decided to start all over with a shower. Why did I come in? Oh yeah, the next contest!

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