Newbie Needs Some Advice!


As a newbie embroiderer, I was so happy how beautifully the corner paisley motifs were sewing out.  They are just beautiful and are full of tiny details.  It was the longest sew-out I’ve ever done, so we went to out to dinner.  When I came back, I thought it was done as the main gold stitching had completed on my new Maxi hoop I got for Christmas.  Maybe it was the cocktail I had at dinner, but I didn’t remember the little white detailed stitching until I took my beautiful stitching OFF THE HOOP!  What was I thinking??  Needless to say, I have a beautiful, but incomplete, stitch-out. I hooped up the other two corners and just finished them.  They are beautiful with the little white flower details!  But what to do?  I have enough fabric to make new corners and completely redo the stitching (staying away if I’ve had a cocktail – one of my cardinal rules!).  Or leave the original two corners in the quilt, opposite corners, paired with the fully complete embroidered corners. I know I will always look at this and see the incomplete corners, but even in their full gold splendor, I know that I made a BIG mistake.  Or I can be very Type A and make new ones.  What to do?  What to do? In any event, it’s a beautiful quilt.  I wish I could do this full time!

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  • If I were in your place, I would restitch them, especially since you have enough material. It would be all I’d see every time I looked at the quilt so the time to restitch would be more efficient than staring it and wishing I’d fixed it. And you could make the mistakes into a throw pillow or something.
    Good luck!

    • Thank you! I went back and forth contemplating what to do. Because the two corners without the white are still finished, I decided to go with both of the finished designs. I’ll put them on alternate corners – the whites opposite each other. I thought it would remind me of my mistakes, but I don’t have that feeling after it’s been sitting for a few day. It now is “telling” me that there is beauty in the unexpected. I’m learning how to find that beauty!

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