Stepping into the modern age


For many years, I sewed and then quilted on my grandmother’s 1924 Singer model 99.  When I started quilting in 2003, I didn’t have the resources for another machine, so kept at it with that old 1924 workhorse.  Not long after that though, there was a lot of news about the Bernina model 440QE and the BSR.  My quilting teacher ordered one before they even came out, and I decided to take out a loan and do the same.  She got the first one shipped to our area… I got #2.  Oh my!  what a revelation!  I had never sewn anything but a straight stitch (that’s all the model 99 did!), so having all these stitches available to me was thrilling!    I loved that machine so much, I bought a second 440QE (one to stay at home in my sewing table, the other to take to classes and retreats).  I really worked those machines HARD, and despite one motherboard glitch requiring a total replacement, they took it all in stride.  I sewed on both until 2017, when I used them both as trade-ins toward my new 740.  I bought a 350 Best Friends edition for classes, and slotted my new 740 into my studio.  I can’t believe I sewed without Bernina for 40+ years!  I’ll never switch back, that’s for sure!  I’m a Bernina gal for life!

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