My First Bernina …930 Record


When I started shopping for a new machine in 1985 I looked at several brands. I didn’t know anything about a Bernina but a store about 30 minutes from me sold them so went down for a demo and to try one out and instantly fell in love. It was more expensive than other machines at the time but my husband John and I decided it was worth it since I did so much sewing. I couldn’t remember when I bought it but decided to look in my file of warranties and found the receipt and the date was Dec. 16, 1985 and I paid $750 for it. The receipt says it was regularly priced at $900 but was December sale so that was a pretty good deal. That was a happy Christmas for me that year!

I felt like I was in heaven when I used that machine. I remember how quiet it was when I sewed compared to the old 18 year old Kenmore machine. I sewed on that 930 until I purchased my next Bernina. I wanted a machine that could do a regular buttonhole stitch and a few other things that the 930 couldn’t do.

My next Bernina was a Virtuosa 150 purchased in 2001, again love, love loved that machine.  I did keep my 930 when I purchased the 150 and now it resides at one of my daughters homes and still sews perfectly and my grandsons have used it for sewing 4-H projects.

Eventually I upgraded again and purchased a Bernina Artista 730 in 2008 and sold my 150 to one of my sisters for the trade in value.  It was hard to let it go but wanted a machine with a few more features.  I still love my 730 and it has been a workhorse and does everything I ask of it.  All of my Berninas have been trouble free with just cleaning and minor adjustments.

I wrote a blog post about the machines I have owned on this blog post February 15, 2011 on my blog Nebraska Views.

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  • My first BERNINA as well. Inherited from original owner that kept receipt and guidebooks. Purchased at Andrews Company in Evanston, IL for $1,202.68 on October 4, 1986.

  • I love my Bernina 930! I inherited it from my granny who purchased it in December 1983. But I actually learned to sew on my mom’s Bernina 1630. It was a very nice machine and certainly one that an 8-year-old girl was so excited about when mom purchased it in June 1995. Sadly, the 1630 succumbed to main circuit board issues years ago but my wonderful mechanical 930 just keeps on sewing joyfully.

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