Stitched Figure Drawings


For the past 2 years I have been working on this body of work. If I were a writer, these might be the characters of my story, drawn from my daily life. Some are friends, some are family, some are strangers I have observed and photographed. Others are imagined. Angesha and Anthia were waiting to model at the Ebony Fashion Show. Dan & Ellen are neighbors of mine. Susan Jane came from a photo of my mom as a teenage farm girl.
Elizabeth is an old and dear friend. Together they find a place in my narrative.
My process in this work ranges from discipline to abandon.
Figures are machine stitched on a Bernina sewing machine with cotton thread on Crane’s Lettra paper, and letterpress printed with antique wood type at the Genesee Center for Arts and Education.

Kate Fisher, a mixed media artist, art therapist, and knitwear designer, is relatively new to printmaking. She has long had an interest in anything stitched. Kate lives with her husband in Rochester, New York.

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  • The whole body of work is currently on exhibit at the University of Rochester’s Art and Music Library Gallery in Rochester, NY. Through January 6th 2017.

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