The sewing and creating room


When we moved into our new house I claimed the extra bedroom with oak floor as my space. It seems crowded but after sewing for over 50 years I think it is the fault of too much collecting. I have put shelves in the closet for fabric and shelves in a little alcove for patterns, serger thread, ribbon which I have in glass cookie jars, and bottom jars. The overflow of fabric is living in a bookcase along with quilting and crochet books. Stereo speakers are on top. I like to listen to music when cutting out or hand sewing. My thread rack was made for me by a friend, we bartered I made her aprons for cooking and gardening.

I love having a space to myself after sewing on the dinning room table for years.

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  • I bet you do love having your own space!! We’re all collectors of fabric, you could have the absolute perfect fabric for a project hiding in your stash! 😀 Looks like you have everything you need.

    Happy Sewing!

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