Windmill Quilt


We live in a small farming town in north central Illinois. Some farms still sport the old fashioned windmills, which I’ve always loved, and not too farm from our town is located a wind farm (generating electricity for our area).

Wanting a small quilt to hang in my workspace, I chose the windmill quilt block and fabrics that reminded me of grain fields ready to be harvested. When it was time to quilt my piece, I decided to do 3 blocks with stitch-in-the-ditch (my standard quilting technique), 3 blocks using a spiral design that I printed out on paper, pinned to the block and stitched through and the last 3 blocks were free-motion quilted with a wind motif.

I was very pleased with the result and proud of my first attempt at free-motion quilting.

This quilt was machine pieced and quilted on a BERNINA 1090S with a BERNINA Walking Foot and #10 Edgestitch foot.

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