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Do You Doodle?

Do you doodle? The topic of the Just SEW It webinar on February 14, doodle stitching is an easy way to learn the basics of free-motion sewing. Join us as we doodle around with several projects you can make with this light, fresh, stitching detail. … More

Just SEW It is Going BOLD!

The upcoming Just SEW It webinar on January 17 is all about stitching that stands out! Thick topstitching threads in the needle and heavy decorative threads in the bobbin can add just the right touch of drama to your latest project. … More

Pick A Piping

If you’re interested in learning about all things piping, join us for the Just SEW It webinar on June 7. From traditional piping to mini, shirred, and jumbo, you’ll find a style to fit any project. … More