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Update an Old Basket Liner

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Everyone has a basket around that could use some refreshing – it’s easy to update the liner following our instructions. Don’t forget Halloween’s just around the corner and baskets make great candy dishes or Trick or Treat bags.

Robes for the Bridesmaids by Kerry Finn #sew #diy #wedding #weallsew

Robes for the Bridesmaids

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What could be more fun than having all of your attendants wearing a new cotton robe while they dress for the wedding? Nicole wanted her attendants to have something special that they could wear again and again. These soft, pink, cotton robes were the perfect choice to bring back memories of a very special day.

Mitering a Corner with the new 38 mm Binder Attachment by Debra Rutledge. #sew #diy

Turning Perfect Corners with the New 38 mm Binder Attachment #88

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I absolutely love BERNINA’s new Binder Attachment #88! The arm that the bias binding is loaded into swings away from the machine making it so much easier to load. But, the best part of that feature is that I can swing the arm out and easily miter the corner of the quilt.

Needle Punched Flower detail of Decorative Trivet by Debra Rutledge #sewing #diy

Decorative Trivet

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This summer I had the pleasure to co-present a class focusing on several accessories: the Binder Attachment; the Spanish Hemstitch Attachment; the Walking Foot with the new Central Guide Sole; and the Needle Punch Tool. Our project: a decorative trivet featuring a variety of stitching and embellishment techniques.

Pam Craig's version of Amanda Whitlatch's The Folio Project at #sew #diy

Embroidered Circles Folio

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Here’s Pam Craig’s version of a folio project from a class Amanda Whitlatch taught at Southern Sewing School. Want to make one of your own? Download The Folio Project instructions from the project page of Amanda’s website – and send us photos of your creation!

binder attachment #88 - ribbon binding #sew #diy #heirloom

Fabulous Ribbon Binding with Binder Attachment #88

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Have you considered using ribbon with your BERNINA Binder Attachment #88? There are an endless variety of ribbon colors and patterns to choose from, and with Binder Attachment #88 you can effortlessly attach sewn ribbon bindings to your quilts, home dec or garment projects.

binder deco 315x214 feature

Bias Binder Coaster

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I’m so excited about using our new Bias Binder Attachment #88! I had these denim pieces that I had done some circular embroidery on (using Circular Embroidery Attachment #83). I put a piece of OESD FiberForm on the back, and backed that with a red cotton print.