Needle-felted greeting cards by Mary Beck #sew #diy #weallsew

Needle-Felted Greeting Cards

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I recently got the felting attachment for my sewing machine. Not being a freeform type of person, I knew I needed to practice. But then what was I supposed to do with the finished product? I made

Fabric Valentine's Day Postcards - Donna Krebill #sew #diy #holiday #valentine #weallsew

Fabric Postcard Valentines

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It’s easy to make your own fabric Valentines using bits and pieces of fabric and quilt blocks. A wonderful, personally-crafted card from a crafty person to someone who knows you love fabrics and quilting. They will love it, and you will have saved $4 to $5 on a purchased card.

PaintWork Dove Holiday Cards by Amanda Whitlatch #sew #diy

“Paint” Your Own Holiday Cards – with Your Embroidery Machine!

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It is so fun to “paint” your holiday cards with your embroidery machine and the PaintWork tool! There are so many fun picture-style fonts to download for free that are great sources for holiday graphics.

Damask Rooster Thank You Card #sew #diy #embroidery

Damask Rooster Greeting Card

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Need a special greeting card, but don’t have time to run to the store? No problem! Remember that you can use your BERNINA Embroidery Software 6 to create a unique thank you note like the one shown here, or any other event of occasion when you are stuck for a quick card.