Kate Toney

Location: Orlando, FL

Hobbies: Embroidery, Sewing, Knitting, Hanging out at Disney World

Favorite Type of Sewing: Machine embroidery!


Kate Toney is a Florida based BERNINA EventTeam member, an expert contributor on  WeAllSew.com,and Aurifil educator through their “Aurifilosphy” program. A former makeupartist and hairstylist Kate found her calling with BERNINA, sewing and machineembroidery and has never looked back since. Upon creating her company ToughKitten Crafts,  it became Kate’s mission toempower sewists to move from frustrated to fearless with machine embroidery viaonline education. When she’s not traveling all over the United States teachingor developing new online classes, you will find Kate at Walt Disney World withher boyfriend, Brad, or snuggled on the couch with her pets while she knits andwatches movies.

You can follow Kate on Instagram at @ToughKittenCraftsor check out her blog on ToughKittenCrafts.com where she has a multitude of resources for all levels of embroiderers.