10+ Free Sewing Projects for Charity

50+ Free Patterns to Sew For Charity

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If you ever wondered about how to start sewing to serve others, here are some great places to find 50+ free patterns for projects perfect to sew to serve others. From simple projects like pillowcases to more involved quilts you’re sure to find something here that is just your sewing speed.

care wear sews for infants in need

Sew to Serve Infants in Need With Care Wear

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Care Wear is a national organization helping hospitals that need handmade items for babies get connected with volunteers who can sew to serve others.

Sewn In Love quilts for cancer patients

Sew to Serve: Sewn In Love

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The volunteer organization Sewn In Love is located in Tennessee, and is dedicated to helping cancer patients with donations of handmade quilts. The organization needs help from volunteers like you to sew to serve others.

Wrap Them in Love organization

Sew to Serve: Wrap Them in Love

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Wrap Them in Love is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing love, warmth and comfort to children all over the world in the form of handmade blankets. See how you can sew to serve children in need along with Wrap Them in Love!

Dolly Donations to help children in need

Sew To Serve: Dolly Donations

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The mission behind Dolly Donations is a simple one; to make a difference in the lives of orphaned children around the world by providing a little comfort and handmade love, one dolly at a time – will you help sew a dolly to serve a child in need?

Quilt for Change FEATURE

Quilts for Change

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Quilt for Change is an organization that uses quilting to further awareness of worldwide issues affecting women, transforming quilts into agents for social change.

jo's soft t-shirt head scarf #love my scarf #make the difference foundation #cancer #head scarf #donate #charity #donation #research funding #weallsew #flatlock #overlock #serger

Love My Scarf Blog Tour Day Five: Jo’s Upcycled T-Shirt Head Scarf

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It’s Day 5 of the Love My Scarf Blog Tour! WeAllSew is thrilled to be included in this event. Jo’s made two super-simple scarves from soft old cotton t-shirts, whipped up in a jiffy on her overlocker/serger.


Sew to Serve with Quilts for Kids

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Quilts for Kids is an organization dedicated to helping children with life-threatening illnesses and children of abuse by providing them with a comforting handmade quilt. Read on to find out how you can help!

Bumble Beans Basics

Sew to Serve with Bumble Beans Basics

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Victoria Findlay Wolfe began quilting to serve others through her Bumble Beans Basics project. Over 700 quilts later, Bumble Beans Basics continues to help those in need – see what you can do to join in and sew to serve others!

WHWB logo

Sew to Serve: Warm Hearts Warm Babies

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Warm Hearts Warm Babies is an organization dedicated to serving premature babies in need, read more about how you can help.