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The Instagram Chronicles! Vanessa and Her BERNINA

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For the past several weeks BERNINA Sewing Celebrity Vanessa Christenson of V and Co. has been sewing up a storm with her new BERNINA 780 E and recording her experience on her blog as well as on Instagram.

Vanessa Christenson at Pineneedles BERNINA 780 Training

Introducing BERNINA Sewing Celebrity Vanessa Christenson

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Author, blogger, and fabric designer Vanessa Christenson of V and Co. is one of our newest Sewing Experts here at WeAllSew!

runner feature

Spooky Spider Web Runner by Vanessa Christenson

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One of our lovely BERNINA Sewing Celebrities and WeAllSew expert Vanessa Christenson of V and Co. created this spectacular spider web runner using her new BERNINA 780 E.

BERNINA 7 Series US Tour 2012 #sew #diy #weallsew.com

Introducing Our 7 Series Sewing Celebrities!

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The new B 780 E sewing and embroidery machine – along with the new BERNINA DesignWorks Software Suite – will spend the rest of the year traveling across the country to meet our five super-special sewing celebrities, spend time in their sewing studios, and inspire them to create on a whole new level!

Free Craftsy Class from BERNINA

FREE is Always Fabulous! Free Craftsy.com Sewing Class ($60 value)

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Now is the perfect time to hone your sewing skills and learn some new techniques. The best part? BERNINA is offering you this $60 online course for free!