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Just SEW It! September Webinar: Buttonhole Basics

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Join us for the next Just SEW It webinar and learn tricks that take the fear out of sewing buttonholes. We’ll also take a look at embellishment ideas using buttons, charms, and trinkets – all sewn on with the sewing machine

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Just SEW It! Piece by Piece

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Learn the basics of patchwork piecing and look at tools, tips, and tricks to make piecing fast and fun. Explore tube piecing, wallpaper piecing and other techniques that go beyond the basics of sewing two patches together.

Feb 2013 Just Sew It webinar - Do You Doodle? #diy #sew #webinar #weallsew

Do You Doodle?

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Do you doodle? The topic of the Just SEW It webinar on February 14, doodle stitching is an easy way to learn the basics of free-motion sewing. Join us as we doodle around with several projects you can make with this light, fresh, stitching detail.

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Just SEW It is Going BOLD!

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The upcoming Just SEW It webinar on January 17 is all about stitching that stands out! Thick topstitching threads in the needle and heavy decorative threads in the bobbin can add just the right touch of drama to your latest project.

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Piping Webinar, Revisited

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If you saw the Just SEW It webinar on June 7, you’ll know what this stitched hand has to do with piping! It’s not too late to find out by listening to the FREE recorded webinar.

"Kissing Pillows" by Jeanne Delpit  #diy #embroidery

Kissing Pillows

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Birds of a feather flock together! If you haven’t seen the new BERNINA Exclusive Design Collection” Retro Birds,” #21001, be sure to check it out. To see how these clever little pillows were designed, sign up to for our BERNINA 8 Series Webinar on Tuesday, June 5. I hope to “see” you then!

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Just SEW It! A Pile of Pillows, February 9

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Join us on February 9th for One Pillow – Three Ways: Easy, Easier, Easiest! We’ll make one clean and simple, one with double cording detail, and a third with a mitered border. Choose that one you like best or make all three for a new look in your home.

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Organization to the Letter — February 14 Webinar

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Join me on Valentine’s Day for a bit of non-fattening fun whipping up some clever personalized organizer pockets! Satisfy your sweet tooth with tasty tips and a simple recipe to organize any space. But be warned – making these can become addictive!

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Just Sew It! Textile Textures on January 19th

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Join us on January 19th for a FREE Just Sew It! webinar on Textile Textures – exploring easy ways to create texture on fabric using speciality threads and presser feet, changing plain fabric from flat to fabulous!

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Mary Lou’s T-Shirt Quilt

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After watching Jo’s Quick Holiday Gifts Webinar, I knew I had the perfect way to make my son’s t-shirt quilt. I can’t wait for him to open it on Christmas morning!