Organization to the Letter — February 14 Webinar

Join me on Valentine’s Day for a bit of non-fattening fun whipping up some clever personalized organizer pockets! Sign up at for the February 14th 8 Series Webinar “Organization to the Letter” and satisfy your sweet tooth with tasty tips and a simple recipe to organize any space. But be warned – making these can become addictive!

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One comment on “Organization to the Letter — February 14 Webinar”

  • Hi Jeanne,
    A great big thank you for such great directions; I really enjoyed the webinar! It was so nice to find step by step directions with pictures of icons to explain how to use “absolute check”. This has always been a frustrating exercise for me; sometimes it would work and sometimes it didn’t. Now I have your step by step directions by my machine – no more problems. Bernina has so many wonderful options and teachers to explain them. Thank you for getting me over this hurdle!! Geraldean

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