125th Anniversary Quilt par1


I have changed my color scheme from green mod and blue to white and blue!! I had to change because as we all know that it looks great together on the bolt with the other fabrics but once i but the blocks together yuck!! (the green mod one) . I had to get rid of that one and buy a new color that would look better few i found a white thank goodness!! Now to remake all the blocks in the blue and white. I also loved the tidbit that Amanda gave about just sewing close to the line you have drawn and WA LA !! it works my blocks have turned out the best they have ever have straight,not short of fabric ,not cock-eyed either THANK YOU!!!! HUM!! what to do with the green and blue I guess I will have to store the blocks away until they call “QUILT ME” “QUILT ME”…. Next the cornerstones WOW was that long and fun all at the same time!! I appliqued the medallion with a white background that took sometime let me tell you, but the end result was fantastic!! photos of the medallion coming next i can only for some reason only load one picture at a time sorry

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