Kennel Quilts for Humane Society

Made a set of small kennel quilts using WeAllSew’s tutorial on the “Sew To Serve Animal Rescue” blog post! This was my first time sewing a kennel quilt. I’d like to improve on my next quilt by figuring out how to keep the fabric from bunching up as you can see in some spots. It was a quick and relatively easy sew. I used scrap fabric for all of the quilt. Cotton on the outside and scrap wool as the interior fabric. I hope this provides some comfort to the animals in need!

4 thoughts on “Kennel Quilts for Humane Society

    1. Getting creative sounds fun and great! There are usually a couple standard sizes for kennels though so if making a quilt, perhaps it would be good to make sure your finished quilt will fit into one of them? I used to have a small dog and when I put in a quilt or cushion that was too big for her kennel, it would take up more room and unfortunately leave her less room to move around in.

      I think making other kinds of pet beds and blankets as you suggested would be a great idea! For example, our local shelter is always looking for pet beds and blankets for smaller animals since the most often donated items are for larger dogs!

  1. This is adorable…I recently made several for the local shelter…it was a great opportunity to practice free motion quilting! My skills have improved and the dogs don’t mind my not so perfect product!

    1. Thank you moylandavis! I need to also read up more about free motion quilting and how to do it properly on my machine. It was fun letting the machine go “wild” for once, haha! I usually sew garments and don’t get to let the machine do as it pleases. I agree that the dogs won’t mind a not-so-perfect product! They’re such sweet souls 🙂

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