Maine’s 1st Quilt – Busy After Christmas


Since taking the month of December off, I have hardly come out of my sewing room for air! So far this month I have embroidered the paisleys for the corner triangles, finished making my border corners, sashing, and finally began the assembly. Whew! When doing the embroidery work for the corner triangles the metallic work was so beautiful, that I made a design decision not to include the white dots on the border of the paisley. Ready to join the blocks in rows, which was quite a chore, I referred back to the blog many times. As a first time quilter the tips from Amanda were invaluable. Also, I can’t tell you what a relief it was to realize that all the squares needed were present and accounted for!

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  • good morning, question what is the secret to using Metallic thread in the embroidery machine, I know you need a metallic needle, I have problems with breakage when using the metallic thread, thank you

    • There are a few factors that I have found make a difference (all learned from others sharing their knowledge.) First, metallic thread needs time to warm and stretch, try putting it on a thread stand and moving it away from your machine, sometimes up to a few feet. Second, the quality of thread makes a huge difference. The brand I am using here is Exquisite. It still broke but only a few times, it has performed the best of all the brands I have tried. Third, slow the machine down – a lot! I was at about half speed. Last is to keep using that metallic needle. I hope you find some of these suggestions helpful. Happy stitching with sparkle!

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