My Beautiful Mess


I wasn’t going to share this, because I moved into this room about a year ago, and I still haven’t fully unpacked or organized this space yet. It’s hard to focus on that when all I want to do is sew, and finding time to sew isn’t always easy with 3 little ones.

In my sewing room I’ve tried to create a easy and flowing space that makes sewing efficient for me. I took 3 tables and surrounded my seating area: one for patternwork, cutting out and pressing, one for my Bernina 530 sewing machine, and another for my Bernina serger. That way I can sit in one spot and complete a project without having to get up often. Some may call it lazy,  I call it efficient! I’ve also installed pegboard on the walls above my sewing space to store thread and pressing equipment, making it easy to find and reach.

At the moment, I’m helping my 5 year old daughter with a small quilting project. It will be her first sewing project that she has designed and put together with minimal help.

I’m also altering a sleeve for a friend’s daughter, who started in the high school orchestra and needs 3/4 sleeves instead of capped sleeves.

Also pictured is my fabric stash, most of which came from my sister-in-law’s grandmother, who had a huge stash and passed some of it on to me. My textbooks from school and my pattern collection are located on a bookshelf, perfect for when I forget how to make a continuous placket and need to refer back.

I’m really blessed to have a designated room that I get to use for my creative outlets. And some day soon it will be organized enough to make it picture perfect.

  • Thanks Bernina!!

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