My first BERNINA, and my second, and third…


We purchased my first Bernina, a 153QE, in 2002 to replace my worn out Kenmore. I made costumes and clothes for my boys, and had been quilting since 1994. All of which influenced my decision to get the 153QE. In 2004, while checking out a used machine for a friend, I saw a quilt that the seller had made with her embroidery/sewing machine. I was blown away! Prior to that, embroidery brought to my mind the hand embroidery I’d learned back in the 70s. So, we purchased a 200E. My husband and I made a queen-sized denim and flannel with it early in 2009. He actually did most of the work, including the continuous line designs on most of the blocks. I did the “major” embroidery, which was actually a small portion of the quilt. My third Bernina is a 2000DCE serger, purchased from a pawn shop on Black Friday in 2005. The thread stand was missing, but the gals at my local Bernina shop got one ordered for me.

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