My first Bernina – My obsession


My first and only Bernina sewing machine is a 180 with the embroidery software (185).  I saw a demonstration at the New Mexico state fair.  I became immediately obsessed with the sewing machine.  The Bernina dealer was close to my work and I went there several times a week on my lunch hour.  I’m sure the sales staff dreaded seeing me coming.  Right before Christmas my husband asked me how much it was.  I told him $2000.  I knew that was as much as he would pay, if that much.  He said go get it and I’ll give it to you for Christmas.  I paid the difference and it was on order.  I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about a Christmas gift.  If was delivered right before my Thanksgiving holidays from work.  He said “you can’t open that, it’s for Christmas”.  I told him “step away from the machine!”.  I love it every day.

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