Newby at Ruler Quillting and Free Motion Qulting


I used my Jumbo hoop to hoop 2 floral quilting patterns on opposite sides of the medallion, them re-hooped and set them the opposite direction. I wanted the half hexi border design, so I had my dealer print out the design from the longarm.  I DON’T HAVE ONE (YET)!  I scanned the design into Bernina 8.1 software and auto-digitized it.   It’s too big for the Jumbo hoop, so I had to multi-hoop.  The auto-digitizing used a triple stitch, which I really like with the gold (721) Isacord thread.  I like the way it sets off the golds in the quilt.  I started this project because it used many skills that I did not have and I knew it would stretch me to the limit to make.  I have a times felt a little frozen, as I approached yet another technique that I didn’t know.  (I sure didn’t want to ruin such a beautiful quilt.)  I have never done ruler work or Free Motion Quilting before, so this was quite a stretch.  I’m down to the point of hand stitching the binding and making the label for the back. WOW! What an amazing project.

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  • We are kindred spirits. I often attempt projects that will push me and cause me to learn. You work is beautiful. As I understand it – no automation technology. Ruler work, free motion and great focus? Kudos!

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