Ta-Da!! My quilt top is done!

To piece together all of my blocks, I used the #57D presser foot and shortened my stitch length a little bit. Everything went together fairly well, but the framework of the cornerstones was very tricky. After unpicking several times, I came up with a method that helped me to get perfect match-ups every time. I pressed a quarter inch seam on both blocks so I knew exactly where they would come together. Then, I matched up the junctions perfectly and pinned them in place. (This is shown in my pictures above.) This method worked really well and I had little trouble after that. Once all my pieces were together, I trimmed up all the edges of my quilt top and measured for the borders. I measured down each side and down the middle and found that all three measurements actually matched! I think that might be a miracle! I sewed on the side borders and then measured the top, bottom and down the middle for the remaining two border pieces. These measurements differed by 1/8th of an inch, which was pretty close to perfect in my book. After the borders were all on, I stood back and just admired it. I have always thought this was a beautiful quilt, but seeing it all together in real life…It’s gorgeous!! I think this is going to be the next wall hanging in my house. It’s too beautiful to be put away somewhere! I love, love, love it! My quilt sandwich is now all pinned and ready for the quilting!

2 thoughts on “Ta-Da!! My quilt top is done!

    1. Isn’t that the truth?! Precision is so important in quilting! It seems like the smallest error gets multiplied more and more as you continue the process. Thanks for the compliments!😁

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