Grapes of Wrap Part 6


Wow, I can’t believe it is finished. I’ve made some intricate quilts in the past but this one had a little of everything. It is just so beautiful. It went from a gift (why it has cuddle backing) to my couch throw to a wall hanging. The quilting: I started with the idea of the stitch-in-the-ditch, the motifs and stitching the trapezoids into the background. Looking at it, I had a brilliant idea to take my couching filler, double it and make fill for the block boarders. Then I decided it needed couching for the trapezoids to make the pop – but I had to buy the foot and I went to 6 stores before finding a perfect yarn to match. As I learned how to use the couching foot, I was blown away how amazing it looked. Then I thought it should have stippling overall the background (except over the motifs, corners, couching, embroidery). At that point my hubby thought it was done. But then I decided each of the thirteen blocks needed needed to have the light fabric filled with a pattern. So all thirteen blocks have a different pattern on the light fabric. Then I was done with the quilting. Next was the quilt plate. I had fun designing the plate and stitching it out on my Bernina. I incorporated a couple bunches of grapes to go with the quilt name. Amanda, the amazing designer, was credited because it definitely wasn’t designed by me. The last step – the binding. I HATE doing binding. That said, I really love the look of binding with a flange. So I took the time and made flanged binding. Overall, I am so happy with my work. On the pictures, I added the backing picture because I love how cuddle shows off the quilting and this one shows the amazing lines Amanda created. BTW, the nap is going in the same direction on both pieces – the lighting made it look shadowed on one side. I tried to get a close up of the quilt plate with the top and cuddle to show how cute the plate turned out. I did have difficulty taking a picture of the whole quilt since it is too big for my kitchen table to be one. So I hung it from the ceiling. Anyway, thank you Amanda and Bernina for this fun project!!!! Marie

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