How to Sew Pintucks: Free Video Tutorial

Spring is officially here, so warmer weather is – we hope! – on the way. Spring and summer are the perfect time for elegant pintucked blouses and baby clothes, but did you know you can also pintuck heavier fabrics? Yes, you can! Chambray, denim, quilt cottons, baby wale corduroy – these all work especially well with corded pintucks using 3- and 5-groove pintuck feet.

BERNINA has five pintuck feet:

  • 3-Groove Pintuck Foot #30; use 4 mm-apart double needles.
  • 5-Groove Pintuck Foot #31; use 3 mm-apart double needles.
  • 7-Groove Pintuck Foot #32; use 2 mm-apart double needles.
  • 9-Groove Pintuck Foot #33; use 1.6 mm-apart double needles.
  • Pintuck and Decorative Stitch Foot #46; use 1.6- to 3.0 mm needles

Pintuck and Decorative Stitch Foot #46C

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