How to Applique with a Blanket Stitch: Free Video Tutorial

Many of you, like me, probably learned to machine applique using a satin stitch. To set up my machine for this technique I usually set my zigzag stitch for about 3 mm wide, with the stitch length set just above zero so the zigs and zags lay right next to each other, parallel, without overlapping. This produces a lovely solid outline, but all that satin stitching – particularly on projects with more than a few pieces to secure in place – can take seemingly endless hours to sew.

Then I discovered blanket stitch applique – the open stitch requires much less time to sew, and I like the lightweight, faux handwork outline it produces. For a heavier look, try a double blanket stitch like the one I used on this appliqued heart. If you’d like to give blanket stitch applique a try, take a look at this instructional video from BERNINA International. The technique is shown on a BERNINA  5 Series sewing machine, but the basic technique is the same for all sewing machines regardless of make or model. Try it on your next applique project! Jo

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