How to Sew Buttonholes: FREE Video Tutorial

Some sewists say that inserting zippers is the scariest sewing technique. But there’s one thing that inspires more fear in the hearts of novice – and even practiced – stitchers than zippers. Buttonholes!! If you’re a quilter you might be thinking, “What’s the big deal? A buttonhole is a buttonhole.” But to garment and decor-makers, stitching perfect buttonholes is key. Getting them all the same size and in a straight line can be a challenge, especially if your sewing machine doesn’t make pretty buttonholes. Some folks even put in zippers to avoid sewing buttonholes! One of the reasons I fell in love with my first BERNINA sewing machine was the awesome – and oh-so-easy – buttonholes it made on shirts, coats, shower curtains, and everything else I threw at it. What frightens me more than making buttonholes? Running out of thread before I finish a project! – Jo

sewing a buttonhole

Here’s a short video demonstrating various types of buttonholes, from a simple five-step manual buttonhole to a one that calculates the size of the buttonhole when you hold a button up to the screen!

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