infinity scarf

DIY Infinity Scarf – FREE Video Tutorial

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This easy-to-sew infinity scarf is a great project for a beginner, and also a quick-to-make project for sewists of any skill level. Two yards of fabric is enough for two scarves – one for you and one for a friend!

DIY Keychain Headphone Pouch

How to Make a Keychain Ear Bud Pouch

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Tired of lost and/or tangled headphones? Stow them in this little pouch and you’ll always know where to find them.

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Why We Love the “Uneven Foot”

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I love it when there’s a tool that solves a sewing challenge. That’s just what Foot #38 does. Officially called the Piping Foot, I think of it as the “uneven foot.”

Little Mod Bag by Erika Mulvenna for WeAllSew #diy #sew #free project

DIY Little Mod Bag

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The simplest shapes often make the strongest impression. This bag epitomizes the marriage of form and function. Practical on the inside, fashion accessory on the outside. You won’t want to be seen without one. Beautiful in its simplicity… and simply beautiful!

Gathered Bag Tutorial

Gorgeous Gathered Bag Tutorial

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Make this sweet and frilly gathered bag from bright and cheery quilting-weight cottons. Carissa from BumbleBee Bliss (who has an affinity for designing and stitching up her own purse designs) has created a downloadable PDF project tutorial for stitching up one of her cute gathered bags. Make one for yourself, then stitch up a few as

purple pintucks plus Just Sew It logo

Just Sew It! Textile Textures on January 19th

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Join us on January 19th for a FREE Just Sew It! webinar on Textile Textures – exploring easy ways to create texture on fabric using speciality threads and presser feet, changing plain fabric from flat to fabulous!

button cuffs - on wrist 1 - 315x214px freature

Button Cuffs

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How many of us have jars, tins and boxes containing buttons galore? I, for one, do! And I always welcome more. One of my favorite things to make with them is Button Cuffs. All you need is elastic and lots of your favorite buttons!

Isacord Thread Tray  315x214px

Isacord Thread Tray

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I just got this amazing Isacord Thread Tray. My favorite use is for sorting my embroidery threads and keeping them in order while I pick up the tray and take it over to my machine.

Clutch10   315x214px

“Divine Flowers & Vines” Clutch

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OESD’s “Divine Flowers & Vines” Premier Embroidery Collection #1102 — a BERNINA Exclusive — has become a favorite for me. I just completed a clutch purse…so striking!

lb walking foot central guide 315x214px

New Central Guide for Walking Foot #50

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I recently had an opportunity to use the new Central Guide on my Walking Foot. It’s amazing and “sew” easy to use. I am working on a project for December, so you will see the finished quilt then!