Quilted Passport Clutch by Rachel Howard for WeAllSew #free project #bag #purse #free tutorial #travel #weallsew

Quilted Passport Clutch by Rachel Howard for WeAllSew

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Make a first class reservation for your passport. With plenty of room this clutch makes it easy to keep your travel documents at hand. A perfect canvas for stitch play, this clutch is simple to make for a quick departure.

Super Simple Envelope Clutch by Handmade Charlotte - Rachel Faucett - for WeAllSew #sew #fashion #accessory #free project #tutorial #bag #purse #tote #weallsew

Super Simple Envelope Clutch by Handmade Charlotte for WeAllSew

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Update your warm weather wardrobe with this super simple but extremely hip clutch. This sweet little purse is a beginner to intermediate project. You’ll be shocked at how fast this sews up. You can go the sweet and subtle route like we did or add a funky pattern.

Monster Tote by Stacy Schlyer for WeAllSew #sew #diy #bag #purse #tote #weallsew #furry green monster #cyclops

Monster Tote by Stacy Schlyer for WeAllSew

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Team up your little one with this furry monster friend. It’s the perfect companion for school or a play date. A clever bag that will gobble up all the stuff they carry around.

Heart Change Purse by Professor Pincushion for WeAllSew.com #sewing #diy #weallsew

Heart Coin Purse by Professor Pincushion for WeAllSew

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Loose change and thing- a-ma-bobs can now be rounded up in this sweet and practical coin purse. Shaped like a heart, it utilizes the technique of reverse applique to give it a unique embellishment with contrasting fabrics. This project is a perfect afternoon craft that makes a great gift.

Bridal Purses by Kerry Finn #sew #diy #embroidery #weallsew.com

Romantic Purses for the Brides

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I was lucky enough to witness two beautiful weddings for two lovely brides this summer. One was my niece and the other a very special friend’s daughter. A bridal purse seemed like the right thing to make for each of these wonderful young women.

caliti2 convertible clutch

Convertible Clutch/Shopping Bag Tutorial

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This super-clutch can transform from an everyday hand bag into a super shopping bag! Sara from Sew Sweetness shows you how to stitch one up.

Gathered Bag Tutorial

Gorgeous Gathered Bag Tutorial

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Make this sweet and frilly gathered bag from bright and cheery quilting-weight cottons. Carissa from BumbleBee Bliss (who has an affinity for designing and stitching up her own purse designs) has created a downloadable PDF project tutorial for stitching up one of her cute gathered bags. Make one for yourself, then stitch up a few as

How to Sew an Upcycled Envelope Clutch

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This stunning clutch is easy to make and features upcycled fabrics from family heirlooms, prom dresses, and thrift store finds.

kaysie - placemat purse 315x214 feature

From Placemat to Purse

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This was so much fun — using a placemat to create a purse for my granddaughter. Embroidery makes it so easy to embellish something simple and make it unique.


Evening Bag by Stacy Schlyer

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Cute dress, but no pockets? Enter the elegant evening bag. With this drawstring beauty on your arm, you’ll catch the eye of everyone in the room. And let’s not forget, it also holds all your important stuff.