Paige Plihal

Paige is a sewist, knitter, and dye artist from San Diego, California. A love of craft and a DIY spirit were always encouraged in her childhood (she learned to sew on a BERNINA 1020 at 8 years old), and she began sewing in earnest in 2009. After a four-year stint selling home-sewn baby carriers and accessories on Etsy, she found the online sewing community and leapt head-first into garment sewing. She hasn’t looked back. She loves melding fashion and style while building an intentional wardrobe for the relaxed Southern California sunshine when sharing her creative journey. Paige’s favorite fabrics are linen, silk, denim, and leather, and she loves empowering other creatives to try new substrates and explore new crafts. She works in marketing and education for a local lifestyle brand, where she has the pleasure of working with fine textiles, exploring deadstocks in the LA Garment District, and generally flexing creative muscles daily.

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