Dungeons & Dragon Dice Bag


Nothing makes me happier that making something for my son! He is a big time gamer, and loves roll playing and video games. I created a pattern for a dice bag, and I digitized the Dragon logo from the game. I practiced with vinyl, and then I bought a leather hide and made the bag from leather.
I learned a lot with this project. The 52D leather foot was great for sewing on the leather. It did a great job with the topstitching too. As you can see from the photo, it was a small area to work within, but I wanted topstitching along both sides of all the seams.
Also, when working with leather, you use a leather needle to sew, and you use a ballpoint needle to embroider. The leather needle cuts small holes as it pierces the leather. If you embroider with it, you can punch out your design.

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