Fun Back-to-School Sewing Projects from WeAllSew

As summer break comes to an end, it’s time to get ready to head back to school! Grab all of those classroom supplies, and get organized with pencil pouches, totes, and backpacks to keep them organized.  And don’t forget the lunch box! Send your kids back to school in style with these fun projects and tutorials.

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Reusable Sandwich Bag

MTC_Sandwich-Bag_01_Beauty_Shot_BERNINA_WeAllSew_Blog_1200x800px (1)

Thinking about going back to school isn’t the most exciting through, but you can add some fun and excitement with these reusable sandwich and snack wraps.

Lunch Money Wallet


No napkins are required when you send your kids off to school with this sandwich. Instead of packing lunch, stow lunch money in this fun and easy bologna sandwich wallet.

Leather-trimmed Laptop Case


Laptops and tablets are must-have tools for today’s students, and a custom-made case can help protect your investment. This handmade laptop protector includes leather (or faux leather) trim for a classy touch.

Library Book Tote Bag


It’s easy to see what this sweet tote is for, it’s spelled out right on the front! This stylish library book tote bag is perfect for back to school. Plus, there is a bonus matching pencil case that you can create as well!

Hexie Block Zip Pouch


This hexie block zip pouch is large enough to hold all kinds of school supplies. Sew it up quickly with a hexagon paper-pieced cheater fabric!

Mini Coin Purse


The mini coin purse is perfect to carry those small must-have back-to-school items, like hand sanitizer or chapstick. Add a clip and easily hook it to a backpack or keychain!

Pencil Rolls

Back to School - Pencil Rolls

These back-to-school pencil rolls are perfect to help keep school supplies organized, and they are quick and easy to sew up, too! Fill it with colored pencils or other writing utensils. These rolls are great for everyday use.

Composition Notebook Cover

Back to School - Composition_Notebook_Cover_Cover_1200x800 (1)

Notebooks are great for note-taking and keeping track of to-do lists. Add an extra creative touch by adding a personalized composition notebook cover!

Binder Cover

Back to School - Binder Cover

Keep all those little supplies in order with this custom school binder cover complete with a zip pouch and pencil holder.

Zipper Binder Pencil Pouch

Back to School - Binder Zipper Pouch

Get ready for back to school by whipping up one of these easy-to-sew zipper binder pencil pouches. This pouch has plenty of room to hold all the essentials and can be slipped inside a 3-ring binder so that nothing falls out of place.

Machine Embroidery Appliqués

Spruce up some back-to-school gear in a flash with machine embroidery appliqués from OESD! Adding details to ready-to-wear clothes or store-bought backpacks and bags is an awesome way to create something unique while saving time.

2021 Back-to-school Giveaway

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697 thoughts on “Fun Back-to-School Sewing Projects from WeAllSew

    1. I want to learn so many new techniques this year, from appliqué to my Bernina feet techniques. My granddaughter and grandson moved back to my state and I bought them all their school supplies but to take them to the fabric store pick out their style of material and welcome home and make a composition book cover, matching pencil rolls, book tote bag and of course a laptop protector. All with embroidered names that I need to buy and master that technique. I need to win and that why !

  1. I want to be friends with my Bernina 830. She is very intimidating for mr and I haven’t used her for a long time. I am afraid of doing something to damage this machine.

  2. I want to master the free motion feathers. I struggle with them, no two look alike. I would like to be able to add them to a quilt top without struggling. Make it fun and not work.

  3. This year I want to learn to use my Bernina Cutting Tool! I have several quilt embroidery projects that it would make more sense to mass cut pieces instead of individually in the hoop.

  4. This year I would like to learn how to use my Spanish hemmer attachment. It is such a pretty addition to many projects and I do not know how to begin to use the attachment.

  5. So much to learn & know!! Love, Love , Love all the best ideas y’all share. I’ve learned sew much!
    Quilting is a high priority for me so I would love to master feathers. However there is always something new to learn in embroidery. Thank you

  6. One of the things I would like to learn about my Bernina is how to utilize my machine the way it is designed to be used. I currently only use just a few stitching modes because I don’t know what I could possibly make for me to use other stitches. So I guess what I would really like to learn is how to enhance my sewing ability from just mediocre to amazing using all sorts of stitching techniques.

  7. I bought two cool looking foot attachments for my Bernina 880 that I have never used. The 55 and the 43. I would love to learn how to use them.

  8. Couching is a method I would like to learn. I have the foot, but never used it. Also, I would like to learn how to couch using the embroidery function. Very nice giveaway!

  9. I want to buy, learn and use the new v 9 software. I have always used the Bernina softward and love how it enables me to enhance my sewing and embroidery.

  10. Learning v9 software and creating a serger stitch book are the top two on my list. I also have the Spanish Hemstitch attachment that is sitting new in the box…

  11. I would love to learn how to master the basics of embroidery. My younger daughter is getting married in October of 2022. My older daughter and I have decided to make her a quilt using the wing clipper 180 ruler and adding embroidery throughout the project. It will be quite a feat since I just purchased my 790 a week ago!!!! But, my confidence is high and we can do this! 🙂

  12. I would like to learn how to work with canvas. I have a couple of military bags that I would like to repurpose into a different style of bag.

  13. This year I am learning to make some my own clothing. I have already begun, however I need to learn more about using my new machine to make things easier. For example, making button holes or sewing on buttons.

  14. I just got the L890 Overlocker and want to learn how to shorten pants and t-shirts and sleeves so they end up looking great.
    .. I would love to win that Bernina red garbage can!!. It would match my Bernina sew chair and sit in between my B590E Bernina Sewing Machine and my L890 Overlocker.

  15. I want to learn how to quilt with rulers. I have joined the Amanda Murphy group and bought one ruler. Now I just need to learn what to do with the ruler.

  16. I’d like to learn more about garment sewing in the coming year and how to use some of the Bernina feet. I seem to have run out of people to give quilts to.

  17. I just bought my 570QE and this year’s goal is to learn as much as I can about it to fully utilize it in my sewing! It’s a bit intimidating – thankful for all the wonderful videos. Going to my Bernina store today for an instructional class too! Fun!

  18. I would like to feel confident using my sewing feet without having to reference the book each time. Also freezer paper foundation piecing, master free motion quilting and get really good at putting in zippers.

  19. I really want to master using my ruler foot for free motion quilting – I.e. ruler quilting.
    And I want to master the use of three layer quilting!

  20. I want to master piecing. I love the intricate color and shape designs on quilts but I still struggle to piece perfectly. I also would love to improve my dress making skills!

  21. I would like to work on putting zippers into pouches, like a pencil pouch. I have always wanted to make one. I love the hexagon one and the one fitting into a binder. Thank you!

  22. I want to improve my zipper skills. I did costuming at my local community theater, and we all avoided invisible zippers. It’s time to tackle the beast and get that skill under my belt! Also, I’d like to get into making cosplay designs with foam.

  23. I have several grandchildren getting ready for school. What a great choice in projects to make their first day special! I want to do more more projects with my new L890, an avid sewist (B580E, B730E, B880 plus) who needs to improve her serger skills.

  24. I’d love to learn mastering the binder! It’s an amazing tool for those of us who despise bindings but corners is what I could use some help on 🙂

  25. I would like to learn how to sew with wool. I have some expensive Pendleton wool that I want to use on a bag. I haven’t come up with the courage to start it yet.

  26. This year I want to master my new B890. I know very little about this sewing technique. I’m excited to have these new capabilities and I want to master the seemingly impossible!

  27. Hello, these are great back to school projects, thank you. In the coming year I would like to be more comfortable and knowledgeable about my B770. Since I don’t use it everyday, I have to refer to the manual a lot. I also hope to machine quilt with my BSR better and with rulers.

  28. I want to learn to make a sewing tote with great pockets and beautiful binding! I do have a challenging time matching the ends with a perfect mitre.

  29. I want to learn how to applique particularly using satin stitch. It is such a common technique used, but it’s something I’m always nervous to try on my own!

  30. New technique I wish to learn this year – techniques to get a cleaner/neater appearance to embroidery designs. Having embroidered writing make a bolder statement on the garment/item. Thank you.

  31. I want to learn to use my newest feet I’ve added to my collection. I want to use the buttonhole foot more & learn how to do the different types of openings for buttons. I want to use my Foot 71. I also want to become more proficient with the BSR foot.

  32. I want to master my vintage attachments. There are so many interesting gadgets that come with the machines and I want to see how they improve my sewing

  33. I want to learn how to foundation paper piece a project I have my eye on. I’ve never done paper piecing before and would like to try making a tote bag that uses foundation paper piecing.

  34. I recently purchased Bernina’s #52C non-stick sewing foot. I’m wanting to master sewing with imitation leather and oil cloth so I can make some fun items for great-nieces and nephews for the upcoming holiday season.
    Thank you for an opportunity to win!

  35. I want to learn how to use my Bernina 440QE to it’s fullest ability and all of the presser feet that I have, using the BSR and walking foot to enhance my sewing and/or quilting projects.

  36. I have ordered a ruler foot from my store and want to try ruler work….looks like so much fun! Thank you for this opportunity to enter into the sweepstakes!

    1. Using leaders and enders may be able to help you keep the beginning and ending stitches straight. I know it would help me sometimes but I don’t think about them in advance. In case you haven’t heard of them, they are short pieces of fabric that you start and end with. Bonnie Hunter may have a video on using them.

  37. I really want to try BSR and embroidery module on my lovely B770 QE this fall. Yes, I should! I will make more quilts, bags and pouches as Christmas gifts this year.

  38. New techniques – I really want to learn to use a lot of new feet I have purchased to do embellishments! Such fun to use. Love Bernina! Thanks for the great ideas here. I also want to learn to free motion quilt better on my Q24. Such a dream machine!

  39. I’m going to master the embroidery unit that came with my Tula Pink edition 770 QEE! My friend has same machine and we are meeting weekly to go over various tasks and learning to create with the embroidery unit!

  40. Since I just got my new Q20, the thing I want to learn the most is free motion couching!!! I haven’t been able to do much on my new Q20 due to some chronic health issues flaring up, so I’m looking forward to doing most anything with it.

  41. For all my 15 years of quilting, I have been doing all my binding by hand; I would love to know how to sew on binding from the front side of my quilt by machine. Would love this instruction.

  42. Since I’m new to quilting/piecing I would like to learn more about putting leftover fabric together for scrap quilts. Which colors next to other colors? How many different fabrics in one project? Picking thread colors for those scrap fabric projects.

  43. There are two feet that I really want to learn to use. I really need to try and master machine binding with my 71 foot and my invisible zipper foot. My life will be much more simpler when I master these two feet.

  44. I would like to learn so many things, I would like to learn how to do zippers better. I’m going to be getting a 790, so learning all the new features of my new machine will be fun.

  45. Thank you for this opportunity to win Bernina swag. I’d like to learn edge to edge quilting and paper piecing. I also like to learn just about everything posted before my post! What a community!

  46. I would like to better understand how to adjust the pressure foot setting as it relates to fabric thickness, thread weight and needle size. And to continue on accurate 1/4″ seams.

  47. I would like to learn how and when to use my BSR for quilting. Then maybe I could get past my fear of FMQ. It is becoming very costly to have my quilts quilted by a LA owner and quilter when I have my top all pieced.

  48. What new technique do you want to learn this year

    I purchased my Q20 in February and I am terrified of it, I have played with it 3x. So far, everything looks like a mess! So I would LOVE to learn how to use it…I guess either BSR wise or FMQ then using rulers…HELP!

  49. I want to learn free motion quilting so that it looks smooth and flowing rather than jerky like someone learning to drive a manual transmission. I mastered that, now for the FMQ.

  50. I’m excited to learn some free motion skills and to work on some advanced FPP techniques. Did my first Judy Niemeyer this year so I really want to do another, but need to quilt the original one I did!!

  51. I want to learn how to improve my heirloom sewing techniques with new projects for my home like linens, napkins, and then apply them to clothing. I also want to learn how to better utilize my Bernina software.

  52. I would like to learn more on how to resolve any type of sewing issues…. tension issues and how to correct…. what is the correct needle and thread for a project, etc

  53. I want to continue expanding my skills and using all the features of my new 570QE, such as the BSR, free motion quilting and the embroidery module!

  54. I want to get comfortable with the embroidery side of my sewing machine. Love my machine but get intimidated when using the embroidery module. Have ideas to make cute embellishments for grandkids items, just need to get comfortable enough to do it

  55. I would love to learn how to use my hemmer feet in a real garment. I have tried to to use it but I can’t get it going so I have enough done to finish my garment. Thank you.

  56. I want to learn more about all my feet and want to learn how to couch. I also want to start using my serger more and learn how to make pajamas and tops with knit material.

  57. I would like to learn how to put the quilt top, batting and backing together. Haven’t tried that yet. I have several tops that are ready to go.

  58. I also would like to improve my free motion quilting. I use a Bernina 770QE but I still have a long way to go. Also I would like to improve sewing in a zipper.

  59. My goal is to learn how to sew in all kinds of zippers (centered, invisible, etc.) really well. I’ve only every done a few, but never really perfected them.

  60. I wish to finally make a book of all my stitches of my Bernina sewing machine and also how to correctly use fonts to spell the name , I am having a hard time with this for some reason 😔

  61. Looking forward to working with foot #55 stitch plate 5.5 mm as well as getting better with rulerwork – following Amanda Murphy’s recommendations and guidance in her books.

  62. I want to learn to use my Tula Pink Bernina machine to sew the “paper pieced” sections together rather than hand sew!!! A big order to be sure!!

  63. I want to find some of the hexagon fabric used on the pouch. It is so cute and would look good in several projects I want to complete. Suggestions where to find it?

  64. I would love to learn paper piecing to improve my quilting and for garment sewing, I would love to hear how to sew in a zipper & a hidden zipper!

  65. I just purchased an 890 Overlocker and want to learn how to use the machine and all the feet I purchased to go with it!!!! I love the air threader!

    1. Remember to use a leader/ ender. Which can be additional quilt pieces or just a scrap of fabric. Then keep sewing into your next piece and they won’t get stuck in the bobbin.

  66. I want to know more about fabrics/types/uses etc.
    Also, in the embroidery software more about the thread color section the thread options near the bottom right of the screen

  67. Maybe Pojagi! It is one technique I saw on the Bernina blog that I have wanted to try, but haven’t gotten to yet! Thanks for the giveaway and your fun posts!

  68. WOW Where to begin- I guess the technique I would like to master this year is confidence in free motion quilting , and using rulers effectively. I’m working on a quilt now that used many different techniques so ideas on how to quilt it would be awesome

  69. There are so many things that I would love to master from piecing, free motion quilting, binding, embroidery, etc. I have an Artista 630 that is capable of doing all these things. It just needs me to be capable as well!

  70. I want finally to learn to use my BSR. Have had one since my 440 QE; have had classes multiple times… still can’t use it!! And it would be nice to be able to do my own quilting rather than paying a long-armer.

  71. There are so many things that I don’t know how to do, where do I start? I’d like to learn how to use the BSR that came with my 790 so I can learn to free motion quilt small things. I’ll just keep taking my big quilts to the LA quilter. LOL

  72. I would love if bernina educators could continue to do their webinars, i always learn so much. I would also like to hear lectures/articles about different uses for all those wonderful bernina feet. And last, but no means least, i would lie to learn how someone can please make more hours in a day so I could sew more😇

  73. The technique I’d like to learn this school year, is whatever I need to know about BERNINA Embroidery Software 8.2. My B880+ seems to have the power to do everything I ask it to, moving embroidery, making it larger or smaller, changing the density, adding words or decorative stitching as embroidery, subtracting or separating items in an embroidery design…I’d like to learn what I might be missing that the BERNINA Embroidery Software 8.2 would provide.

  74. I think just learning something more than making quilts for me… there are so many valuable resources here on this site and I think If I just go step by step with some of the tutorials I would learn so Much!

  75. I would like to learn better free-motion quilting techniques. I have just acquired a like-new Bernina quilting frame to use with my B780 and I want to be able to make professional-looking quilts on it.

  76. I want to master decorative stitching with 12 weight threads and then attempt to digitize a design in my Bernina V8 (or hopefully V9) software only using that heavier weight of thread. All too often I end up with a thread nest on my 880! Need to keep trying adjusting stitch lengths and tensions.

  77. Fusible applique, that’s my current project. Whatever I am working on at the moment is what I want to improve, & fusible applique on Halloween bags and Christmas bag are my current projects.

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