Back to school DIY – Stationery Pouch

Hello, it’s Minki from Minki’s Worktable. The first day of school is almost here! Get into the back-to-school spirit and enjoy your last few days of summer with my Stationery Pouch project.

When my daughter started Kindergarten I saw my Japanese friend’s cute stationery pouch from her mother in Japan. That night I tried and tried to make one-of-a-kind stationery pouch for my daughter. Because we are a crafty mamas, right? After many drawings, I came up with this simple stationery pouch idea.

I stitched my girl’s name on the flap so she won’t lose it! I am more excited than my girl for the first day school now. I wish I could sit next her and see how she take out scissors and glue stick and see her smile on her face.

I love to add cotton or leather tags on almost all of my pouches so I can add key rings or attach the pouch to a big bag. I buy a bag of leather scraps at Michaels craft store or online.

This little pouch is good for adults too. I often make one for my friends’ birthday and they use it as their glasses case, and thank me whenever we meet each other.

Finished Stationery Pouch size: 6 1/4” x 3 1/4” x 2 1/2”

Add 1/4 inch seam allowance to all the pieces

Materials to Make a Stationary Pouch

*Fabric used: Tilda, Harvest collection 

Instructions to Make a Stationary Pouch

1. Cut Print 1, Print 2 using rotating rotary mat and sew Print1 – Print 2- Print 1 together matching long edges.

2. Fuse the cut-out fusible fleece on the wrong side of pouch body and trim the excess fabric.

3. Topstitch along each seam using 12-weight matching thread.

4. With right sides together, fold the bottom part in half, matching up the side and corner raw edges. Sew sides together.

5. With Print 3,  Repeat steps 4 to make the pouch lining.

6. Turn  pouch lining to right side and place inside main pouch (right sides together), and pin together along flap and front edge. Sew in place.

7. Clip each flap ends to help easy open & close.

8. Pick open one side of lining to make a opening. Turn right side out.

9. Hand sew gap closed. Finger press front pouch seam and topstitch by sewing a running stitch along this top front edge using 3 strands of embroidery floss. Attach magnet button to front edge and inside flap.

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53 thoughts on “Back to school DIY – Stationery Pouch

  1. Great tutorial! Will save this one, as would make great gifts too. My favorite scissors are my Karen Kay Buckley scissors. Thanks for sharing a great giveaway!

    1. Cute project! I love my Ginghers dressmaking shears for cutting large pieces and smaller Karen Kay Buckley serrated scissors for fussy cutting and embroidery.

  2. Adorable bag! I know exactly what fabric I will use for my first bag for a sewing notions kit. I love my G-5 Ghinger scissors. Knife sharp scissors are an essential tool.

  3. Fabulous pouch and the tutorial is excellent. Perfect for gift giving. My current favorite scissors are Tula Pink’s beautiful scissors, specifically her large Ring Micro Tip 4in Scissors. They are so pretty.

  4. My Kai scissors used to be my favorite and perhaps they still are for cutting fabric for hexies, etc. However, I’m currently in love with my Sullivan’s Square Handled Scissors. Love using them with applique!

  5. I love pouches & tote bags – they help keep me organized. Thank you for the tutorial. My favorite scissors are the small Gingher scissors given to me by a friend.

  6. Love this tutorial and all things Mini Kim! My favorite scissors are my Ginghers. I have all sizes and it depends on what I am making, which size I am using. These Crocheted Love scissors are so beautiful, especially the Rose Gold. This little pouch would be perfect for storing a pair. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  7. This is adorable and I can’t wait to try it! The scissors I use more than anything are my little Fiskar snips- I keep a pair on my machine (😘 Bernina 750) and another in my travel bag.

  8. My aunt left me a small pair of surgical scissors. I’m not sure who made them. I enjoy doing hand sewing and embroidery. I love my Berninas! ….BERNINA 350 PE and old 830!

  9. Thanks for the great tutorial!
    My favorite scissors are my Gingher sewing scissors, but I think I have a different pair for every purpose. I could use these beauties for hand embroidery.

  10. Awesome pouch, thank you for the tutorial. I love my Ginghers but after picking up a pair of Kai at an estate sale they are the pair I use the most and the vintage Wiss for anything and everything else

  11. Great tutorial and cute little bag. I love my Ginghers – have them in several sizes – and my Karen Kay Buckley snips. None are nearly as pretty as the Warm Crochet ones, though.

  12. Love the pouch. I make something for each of my friends in a mini-group and I’m always looking for new and fresh ideas. Think this will do it. I love the scissors so much, I ordered a pair for myself (the price is right), but if I win another pair, I’d happily bestow them on a sewing friend.

  13. The scissors I always reach for first are a pair of 7″ serrated Havel’s. I have had them for about 10 years and they are sharp right to the tip. I also love the pink handles because they are so easy to find.
    Thanks for the great tutorial and pouch pattern. I love purses, bags, and pouches.

  14. I like my Gingher scissors, but the one that I use most is a pair by Karen Kay Buckley that has tiny serrations on the blade that grabs the fabric. Thanks for the pouch pattern.

  15. Made this cute lil bag today. Cept that I didn’t think about the direction of outer fabric enough and had to make a few adjustments because of that, it was super cute! I used glow in the dark Henry Glass Halloween fabric, so cute!!!

  16. My favorite sewing scissors are from Havel and have little teeth that grab the fabric. This really helps when sewing with slippery fabrics. My other mostly used scissors are little embroidery scissors that I use when snipping quilt block pieces from my machine.

  17. I noticed in the pattern download that it says to add ¼ in seam allowance on only one of the pattern pieces. Is that correct or add the seam allowance to all pieces?
    Thanks for the great tutorial ! Minki, your projects are the best!!!

  18. I love this idea. It will make a great gift to my daughter who loves to write letters. My favorite scissors are Kai. They are so sharp and cut so smoothly.

  19. Love the pouch. My granddaughters want pencil cases for school and these would be perfect. My most loved scissors are a pair of surgical scissors left to me by my mother.

  20. This pouch is super cute. I did have some challenges with the directions, and I’m not a beginner. The part I found confusing was how to put the pattern pieces together, and also, there is no instruction covering sewing the corners of the pouch. It says ‘sew the sides together’ – but omits the ends. For a beginner, this might be challenging. When you say add a 1/4 inch to all pieces…. do you mean add a 1/4 inch to the pattern piece and then cut 1/4″ away from the that from the fabric? Help!!

    1. I’m sorry, but I agree. The directions are challenging. And I too have been sewing over 35 years. Why do we have to add 1/4″ to the pattern pieces? Why not just add that 1/4″ to the pattern piece before posting it to be printed? And that “third” pattern piece labled stationary pouch pattern , enlarge 200% ? Very confusing. So there are only two pattern pieces, correct? I would love to try the pattern, it is really cute and unique, but frankly I’m afraid to cut into my chosen fabric for fear of getting stuck somewhere.

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