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How would you like to see your sewing projects featured right here at our WeAllSew blog? Sounds great, right?

WeAllSew Community Gallery

Now you can! You have the power to share your very own sewing projects with all of us at WeAllSew by uploading your project pictures to our Community section! If you haven’t yet clicked on our Community tab at the top of our blog menu, we highly recommend visiting the gallery. You can see all kinds of projects shared by other WeAllSew readers, and you can add your own projects to the mix.

Sharing your sewing projects with our WeAllSew Community is easy! Follow these steps to upload your own projects to our Community section gallery.

Step 1. Login to the WeAllSew blog.

WeAllSew Community Gallery

If you’re already registered to our WeAllSew blog, you’re ready to start sharing! If you’re not registered yet, click on the SIGN UP button at the top right and fill out the form. Look for a follow-up email in your inbox to finalize your registration before logging in.

Step 2. Navigate to Upload Projects

Navigate to our Community tab at the top WeAllSew menu bar, and select Upload Projects in the drop-down menu.

WeAllSew Community Gallery

You will see a template to upload your project, including spaces to give your project post a name, a description, and a place to upload your photos. Don’t worry, we’re walking you through each of the sections in the template below.

Step 3. Project Details

WeAllSew Community Gallery

In the top part of the template, enter your project details. Give your project a title or name that clearly describes what it is about.

Choose the type of project you’re sharing from drop-down menu (sewing, embroidery and software, or quilting).

The last box labeled “Campaign” is used for posting projects to specific events, like our past BERNINA Presser Foot Contest. You can leave this set at “None” if you’re just here to share what you’re making. If you are entering a project for a specific event, be sure to choose it from the menu.

Step 4. Your Project Description


WeAllSew Community Gallery

Here’s where you tell us all about your project! Just start typing into the blank box, you can write as little or as much as you’d like about your project, what you made it with or how you made it. You don’t need to add anything special to the text. However, there are a few editing tools above the text box if you need to use them.

Below the Description text box is a place where you can enter tags for your project. Ideally, this should be one or two words that describe your project. For example; quilt, tote bag, jacket, etc..

Step 5. Upload Your Photos

WeAllSew Community GalleryYou are able to add up to 12 images of your project. We’ve found that horizontal rectangular photos showcase your projects the best in the Community section. The first photo you upload will become the featured photo in the Community gallery, so make sure it really showcases  your project!

Click on the text highlighted in red that reads, “Add new Image to Gallery” to get started.

WeAllSew Community Gallery

This will open a new navigation box with two tabs; one on the left, titled “Upload Files” and one on the right, titled “Media Library.” The Media Library tab displays photos that you already uploaded to WeAllSew. If you want to upload new photos to your post, you will click on the Upload Files tab.

WeAllSew Community Gallery

You will see the upload screen where you can click the Select Files button to locate and add your pictures on your computer, or drag and drop your files right inside the box.

WeAllSew Community Gallery

Once you have selected a photo to upload, the Upload screen shows the upload status at top right.

WeAllSew Community Gallery

Once your photo has uploaded you will see a thumbnail appear. You can edit or add a Title to the photo on the right side of the box if you wish. Click the “Add to Gallery” button at the bottom right side of the box to upload your photo.

WeAllSew Community Gallery

The uploaded photo will appear under the Project Gallery section in the template. Click on “Add new Image to Gallery” to upload additional photos following the directions above in Step 5.

WeAllSew Community Gallery

Once you have finished adding everything for your project, you can quickly review what you’ve entered and make any last-minute updates. Click the “Upload Project” button at the bottom of the template to add your project to WeAllSew.

Your project will now appear in the Community section gallery!

WeAllSew Community Gallery

Click on your project to see all the details.

WeAllSew Community Gallery

And click on the photo to see it displayed at the large size.

WeAllSew Community Gallery

That’s all there is to it! We hope you’ll find these steps easy to follow and that you’ll share what you’re making with us in our Community galleries!

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36 comments on “Share Your Projects with the WeAllSew Community”

  • I don’t have a photo just yet to show. I do have many projects done but need to upgrade this computer before I enter any photos. I have been sewing on a Bernina sewing machine since 1960. Have bought 5 machines since plus a serger. I do mostly art quilts now. I have done alterations, designed and sewed children clothes. Designed and sewed wedding dresses. It is true “nothing sews like a Bernina”. I have even done upholstery on my oldest machine and have never had a problem with any of the machines. More later.

  • My Bernina story starts with my mother in law owning a Bernina and making drapes and sewing to help support the 11 children she had. My husband used to help her so when it came time for me to buy a sewing machine it had to be a Bernina. My first Bernina is a 730 Record purchased in 1972 and I still use it. I now own 4 Bernina and use each and every one of them

  • I’ve been on a Bernina since I was a child. My mother taught me to sew on her Bernina. After leaving her home, I had another company’s machine, but later I became a family and consumer science teacher and inherited a set of 16 of the 1008 Bernina machines. Soon after, I talked my husband into purchasing an Bernina Artista 640 and now my classroom is filled with newer 210, 220 and 330 machines and I now have a Q20 and love quilting with it often.

  • I was taking sewing lesson’s in a little shop in 1982 and we sewed on Bernina’s love at first sight. I just knew I had to have on a 930 Recorded didn’t know how I was going to come up with $1,600.00, but they had free financing for 6 months. I was sewing for 4 dry cleaners and I knew that machine would help me do it. I still sew with it and I have bought others through the years. I now have an 880 and love it just as much as my 930 recorded.

  • I bought my first Bernina back in 1988. I was sewing on an old singer my mother
    Had bought for me in high school. A friend borrowed and never returned. I decided
    I needed a machine & I wanted the best , so I went to a dealer & night my first Bernina.
    I loved it so much my sister law had to buy one. My oldest daughter uses it now, she & her sisters fight over who is going to use it.

  • I have way too many projects to share thanks to Bernina, but what I want to share is my love of Bernina sewing machines. Forty years ago I could not afford a Bernina but always knew it was the best machine out there. That did not stop my passion for sewing. I was poor and made all my own clothes for years. Now I am the proud owner of three Bernina machines. I purchased the B765 QE and fell in love instantly so I had to purchase an additional one for my summer place. The machine is awesome but heavy which led me to purchase the B350 signed by Ricky Tims for retreats and workshops. What can I say “I’m addicted” to the Bernina quality. Las month I took my youngest sister to purchase a Bernette. Thank you Bernina for making a machine to for everyone’s budget.

  • I bought my first Bernina in 2016. I have been sewing since I was a very young girl when I was taught by my Mother and Grandmother. A friend owned a Bernina and was always telling me once you own a Bernina no other machine will do. So when I wanted to try embroidering and wanted more “bells and whistles” on my machine I went to a local dealer to check out the line of Bernina machines. I fell in love with the 880! My friend was right! I’ll never own another brand again!

  • I was aware that Bernina provided quality sewing machines (sergers & embroidery), but I also felt they were above my budget. Upon retirement I happened to visit a Bernina dealer in Hays, KS. The owner, Annis, was so friendly I became very interested and treated myself to the 790 (2016).. Even though I have yet to experience all that this treasure has to offer (Annis is a very good teacher), I continue to be amazed at how user friendly the it is. Happy Anniversary!!

  • I bought my first Bernina after my friend’s barn fire about 4 years ago. I was searching for my own way of dealing with my grief over her tragedy and wandered into my local quilt shop. I took a jelly roll race class to make a quilt for her and was hooked. Didn’t mean to buy a sewing machine, but did, and now have close to 4 million stitches on my little 350! I love free motion quilting!

  • My very first Bernina was an 830 record so long ago I can’t even remember the year, since then I have tested other brands but always have upgraded to Bernina now I have an 880 and still in love with the Bernina workmanship and quality of products.

  • I bought my first bernina 930 that was 15 years old from the repair seamstress at our local quilt shop. I loved the way it sees and years later I bought a 180E. Soon after my 2 year old grandson came to live with us and between full time work and his busy fingers on all the buttons, the machine was not used. Now it is old enough that all modern means of importing embroidery designs is cumbersome. No USB port, no fob, a nine pin connection. I drool over the new ones but concur that Bernina is the best machine ever. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BERNINA.

  • I bought my first Benin’s about 20 years ago ibecause my sister had been sewing on one for 10 prior to this. I was not as familiar with sewing so I cold pick up the phone and she would walk me thru my dilemma. We live 60 miles apart. I quickly learned to love my machine. And now have 2!!

  • I just got my first Bernina in 2015 when my youngest son was graduating from high school and I needed to finish his quilt but my mother had just passed away and my brother-in-law also passed and my oldest daughter got engaged so I had a couple of receptions to plan and there was no way I was going to be able to handquilt this quilt. A friend had just bought her bernina embroidery machine and I really liked hers, so I got one of my own! Best gift I’ve ever gotten myself! And now, I’m able to give the best gifts I’ve ever given as well. Thank you Bernina!

  • My husband’s Aunt Lorraine introduced me to Bernina machines. She was a avid quilter and never travelled anywhere without her Bernina machine in the trunk of her car. Visiting her, I also finally understood what a true “stash” entailed. She got me hooked on Bernina and I have been quilting usinig them ever since.

  • My husband bought my first Bernina Activia 130 in 1999. My dad had Alzheimer’s and Stepmother put him in Glendive Montana knowing it was too far for us to travel to see him from Wyoming and our budgets. I found an Eagle Stained Glass pattern and proceeded to put it together. I did not have a longarm, so I decided this throw I could quilt on my Singer machine. Now it is called Free Motion Quilting, but then I just needed to get it quilted. My Singer gave out and I was in tears. So we went to Scottsbluff to Prarire Pine Quilt Shop and he bought me the Bernina Activa 130. I finished the Stained Class Eagle as a Throw for him as he loved Eagles. I took it to a dealer here in Cheyenne Wy. He said I wore it out. I then found my first Sewing and Embroidery Machine online and still using it. It is the 25th Anniversary Edition Bernina Artista 730 and it had the hoop to do the embroidery on caps. After my dad passed away, i was fortunate to get the Eagle Stain Class throw back. I will upload the picture for everyone to see.

  • I don’t know that I’ll be able to post a picture, but my hubby gave me a Bernina 1230 in late 1989. At that time, I had a terrible time getting used to the knee lift. I persevered And was so glad I did! It’s like having a third hand!!! About that same time, I started quilting (made most of my own clothes for years) and my 1230 was a big help!! I know also have an 880, but will NOT give up my 1230!!

  • I got my Bernina just over 10 years ago. Could not believe how it sewed so wonderfully. My youngest son was in 4H at the time and liked to crafts and our LQS was just opening. He needed to make his school exchange christmas gift and they were having classes. So he was signed to make a stocking which was the start of his sewing projects for 4H and Christmas gifts. I continue to sew as well but trying to finish some UFO. That foot would look wonderful on my machine. I like Tula PInk fabric line as I got to her mom quilt shop on the golden ticket bus trip.

  • I learned to sew in 1960 on my mother’s old Pfaff but I bought my first machine in 1971, a Bernina 830 record. I was 18 and had my first job. I did not buy anything, even a pack of gum, until the Bernina was mine. Every paycheck was cashed and taken straight to the Bernina store. After 6 weeks I was able to take my treasure home. It is still going strong. I have 6 Berninas now but will never give up my 830 record.

  • I am a new Bernina user. I bought three Bernina machines this past year. I have sewn for years but never on a Bernina. It was love at first stitch! Currently I am having shoulder rotator cuff surgery, so I don’t have any photos to post. I can’t wait to get my shoulder healed so I can get back to sewing!

  • My first Bernina was a 1230. My husband and I walked into the Home Arts building at the Maryland State Fair in August 1989. Very close to the entrance we saw a woman demonstrating the brand new Bernina 1230. She was like a magnet–I was immediately drawn to her –or was it the machine? I had been longing for a Bernina! I had been through two lesser machines in my 30 years of marriage but I was ready for the best. So the next day in we went to the Bernina dealer closest to us and bought not only the 1230 but the five thread serger as well. The 1230 was so new I had to wait for it to arrive, but I took the serger home with me. I used them both for a long time. I later bought the 180 and loved it too and then traded up to the 730E. I am 80 years old now and expect it will keep me company throughout my old age. I still have my 1230 which I enjoy using for doll clothes. I feel like one spoiled woman!

  • I got my first Bernina 1130 in 1988 for Mother’s Day. At the time I had only a son. He would sit on the machine cabinet as I made his clothes. He is now 36. In 1989 I had my daughter. I made all of her clothes as well as her brothers on my Bernina and Bernetta serger. The most special thing I think I ever made was my daughter’s wedding veil March 2017 on this same machine that I made her baby nursery decor and her clothes from birth. This machine is a workhorse. I still use it today. I am wanting a new updated Bernina but I will never get rid of this machine. I will pass it on to my daughter as her first machine. It runs just like it did 30 years ago. I love it!

  • I bought my 930 in 1985 and been having a love affair with it ever since. It has become a part of my everyday. I swear, it will do anything that I ask of it, from fixing 26 years of, now not so little, boys jeans, shirts, baseball pants etc. to beautiful machine embroidery done free hand. You made a wonderful, adaptable machine that I swear can jump through hoops. It has traveled with me around America and North America.

    I recently purchased a gently used 830 and have been exploring, with wide-eyed wonder, the many things that it is capable of. Thank you for putting such creativity at our finger tips!

  • I started sewing when I was about 12 or 13, using my Mom Singer sewing machine. I took a Home Economics class in high school, and one of the class rotations was sewing. I was hooked!
    My first, and still my only Bernina sewing machine, is a Bernina 1090 Quilter’s Edition that I bought sometime around 1996 or so. I have made many garments for myself and family members over the years, sewn doll clothes, made draperies, a wedding veil for my cousin from parts of her mother’s wedding dress, quilts of all shapes and sizes, and sew much more! Making quilts or quilted items for family, friends and even strangers in need, keeps me busy and happy!

  • My 1st Bernina was the 1630….I sewed dress for my nieces, nephews, and myself. I took classes at the store I bought my 1630 from in Buckhead in Atlanta. I was so proud. Since then I have purchased a Deco 600, a 630 with embroidery, a Bernina 740, the new serger and gave my older Bernina serger to a good friend. My latest Bernina is the Cotton and Steel 350 to take to classes.

    I recommend Bernina machines to friend…

  • I had a 1982 sewing machine that didn’t even drop the feed dogs. I went looking at our 2 local stores and in doing so one of the stores was offering a 2 day class on free motion quilting. I signed up for the class and was able to use a QE 440. I fell in love with the machine and started to save money for it. Well by the time I got around to buying the 550 was out. That became my first Bernina machine. I love this machine. It has become my take to class and sewing weekend machine. I upgraded to a 750, but I still love the 550. I always tell people you will never be sorry if you buy a Bernina.

  • Sewing has always been a passion for me. When my husband and I attended a home show and saw an embroidery machine for the first time, he wanted me to have it. We went to JoAnn’s and he was about to sign on the dotted line when the sales person mentioned that the machine he was about to purchase was cheaper than a Bernina. Needless to say, he did not purchase that machine, but instead got directions to the Bernina sales center. There I got my first glimpse of what a Bernina machine could do. Was I worthy of such a magnificent work of art? My question was rapidly answered by my husband who reminded me of all the mending and sewing I had done over the years for him and my boys. It was a wonderful journey! On his birthday, before he passed away, my husband upgraded my Bernina 730 to the 830. Since then, I have traded in my 830 for the 880 Special Edition. I cannot begin to tell you how I have enjoyed my machines. So many times I look up to heaven and thank my husband for being so generous. He left me a great hobby!

  • I had always been a Singer owner but in 1976 I had had enough. My husband (USMC) had just been transferred to Amarillo, Texas and I needed my machine. I saw the Bernina 830 and its cabinet and that’s what I wanted but didn’t think we could afford it (military moves are expensive) but my husband insisted. That machine was used to make curtains for our new house, sew on chevrons, alter uniforms, make down jackets, clothes, etc. etc. I kept it until 2001 when I traded it for a 140 machine. Still have it (in the 830 cabinet) and have added a 230 which I take to quilting classes and on vacations. I get them both serviced each year. The only thing that has ever gone wrong with all of them is one little spring that apparently broke. But I still was able to sew! My husband says they were all bargains.

  • I got my frist bernina in1994 and it was a 1000 . It was for mending and basic sewing I did make me something. But I love the machine they are good quality and last.I now have two.

  • In 1972 I had a new baby and a one year old, my husband was a resident but I wanted more!! I borrowed $300 from my mother(I seemed to have had $300 of my own) and bought an 830 Bernina with a folding table and lessons. I made sleeping bags, down mitts and took in sewing so that I could hire a babysitter so that I could attend embroidery guild meetings. Taught myself tailoring and taught classes for several years before quilting and teaching. Still love that Bernina even though I am on to several newer models and am still quilting, tailoring and teaching.

  • When I was a sophomore in high school, I saw my first Bernina at a booth at the County Fair. I had learned to sew on my grandmother’s old Singer that could stitch forwards and backwards, and when I saw the capabilities of the Bernina, I was enthralled. Two years later, just before the start of my senior year in high school, I saved up all the money I had earned hoeing sugar beets that summer ($400.00) and used it all to purchase the Bernina Minimatic. That was August of 1974. It was the best, most useful purchase I ever made, until this past July, 2017, when I purchased a new Bernina 560 to celebrate my recent retirement. I am keeping my Bernina Minimatic for when we build our vacation home in a few years…that way I can have a machine in both places!

  • I purchased my first Bernina after I retired. I was really into quilting at the time and the 440 was perfect for that. I later purchased an embroidery module for it and enjoy using that. I purchased a 580 about 2 years ago and like the “extras” on that machine. I have sewn since I was a child; my mother taught me on her machine. I made my clothes and my daughter’s for several years and then I went back to work and sewed less and less. After I retired I picked it up again and have sewn quilts, doll clothes, my clothes, chair covers, valances, etc. It’s true, there is nothing like a Bernina!

  • My first Bernina is a 1260. I still have the 1260 and I also have the B770QE. The 1260 was purchased many years ago. It was the first machine I owned that I absolutely fell in love with. When I purchased the 770, I did not even inquire about trading it in. I am so attached to that machine, I could not consider being without it. I mostly use the 770 now. There is so much to learn, I keep my manual handy and take classes when I can. I am currently moving from Indiana to Lebanon, Ohio. I need to find a great Bernina dealer in this area so I can get my machines serviced as needed. I also like to participate in local classes.

  • My first Bernina, I purchased at the Texarkana, Ark store in 1987. I loved sewing, was totally frustrated with my machine I owned that it time. As a teacher, I made a lot of my clothes and my daughters. I closed the door to my sewing room and announced I would not go back in there until I could buy a Bernina. I was familiar with the machine, our home economics department had the 820’s. A few months later, my husband, said it was about time for me to get one of “those” Bernina’s. Not only did I get the 930; Bernina was running a special that included the serger. I love and still love my 930. In 2004 our granddaughter was born. I had expressed to my husband it would be nice to have an embroidery machine to do “cute” things for her. We were living in Wichita, KS at the time, went to the Home Shop and met Jeff from Midwest Sewing. He demostrated the new 440 QE, explained it would not be in the store for six weeks. I walked out of his booth, minus the check I had written to pre-order my own 440QE. The Granddaughter will be 15 in January, I am still sewing “cute” things for her. I love my 440QE, and still keep my 930 out. and going. I prefer piecing quilts on the 930. Love the 440QE and quilt smaller pieces on this machine. I love my two Berninas.

  • My First Bernina

    After a really difficult time trying to free motion quilt with my XX quilting sewing machine, I began to look for a new one. The wider throat appealed so I looked at machines offering this feature. The Bernina 830 was the best looking machine but oh the price tag!! I was really struggling to justify spending that kind of money. One afternoon after my hubby returned from his run, he presented me with a check saying, you deserve to get the best machine. WOW! We went out that weekend to look at the Bernina again and came home with it! Since 2010, our Bernina travels with us for half of the year in our motorhome! Richard, the quilt designer part of our team, bought the Bernina software so he could create embroidery motifs for our quilts.

    Shari & Richard Thompson

  • When purchasing a sewing machine, it is important to first find which company offers service in your area for their machines. Machines like Bernina must be serviced by their technical support. I am lucky to live in what I call “Bernina Country. There are two fabulous shops within 120 miles of each other. Their owners are so helpful when I need it. I have traded up over the years to machines that can do more each time, yet maintaining their fine quality of sewing and embroidery. I now am now the proud owner of the 125th Anniversary machine. I think that it is keeping my brain functioning well as it has so many new functions that are at times challenging.

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