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We kicked off our 125th Anniversary year on WeAllSew with a question to our readers to share their My First BERNINA story on our Community Section.

We received wonderful stories from heart warming to funny. You can find them on our WeAllSew community section here.

Celebrate National Sewing Machine Day with BERNINAIf you have not shared your own story yet, it is not too late.

Whether you have fond memories of your first BERNINA from years gone by, or you just popped open the box of your first BERNINA, we want to hear your story! Share a post in our WeAllSew Community section using photos and a written description to tell us all about your very first BERNINA.

BERNINA Record 930

How to Share Your My First BERNINA Story:

The first step to start sharing your BERNINA store is to make sure you are a registered WeAllSew reader. If you are registered, make sure you are logged in and click here to find a step-by-step tutorial on uploading your story to our WeAllSew Community section. You will then be ready to upload your story! Select “my first BERNINA” in the dropdown menu. You can share up to 12 images in your story, and make sure to add all the details about your first BERNINA.


Have fun going down memory lane and share it with your sewing peeps! They are sure to love it!

Your WeAllSew team

5 thoughts on “Share Your My First BERNINA Story

  1. My first Bernina was the first 830. My mother in law had purchased one and I wanted one so bad that my husband said if I wanted one I had to sell my sewing machine with it’s cabinet. It was a hard decision since he bought it for me when I was eighteen. I have never looked back and now have four. Dee

  2. My first Machine was a Bernina 830. I was a high school Home Ec. teacher. I put in a order for my class and Bernina let me purchase 2 for personal use. I bought one or them for my mom. She had been a seamstress for years for the public. She would also take me to try on different clothes in a store and she would sketch of the ones she liked and then go purchase fabric and make it for me. My mom was so talented. Loved her so much.

  3. For years the only machine I had to sew on was my grandmothers treadle machine. After my first baby my husband gave me a Bernina Nova 900. It could go in forward and reverse, zig-zag, a few decorative stitches, and button hole. Plus it was trimmed in red and I was in heaven! Later I purchased a 930 which I recently gave to my daughter after receiving my new 790 Anniversary Plus machine. By the way, my Nova is still in great condition and I use it as my back up machine so that I can still sew even when I am doing embroidery work.

  4. My first Bernina was an 1130. I worked for a Bernina Shop and I fell in love with the machine. I had always sewn on a Singer Featherweight and I made all of our clothing, home decor and such with it. But after using the Bernina I knew I had to own one. I used that machine to sew everything and even learned to do French Handsewing by Machine. I made many fancy garments for my granddaughter. I decided to move up to the computer machines and I purchased my 185e. I love that machine and all that I can do with it. I gave my son my 1130 and he is still sewing with it. I am Bernina all the way!

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