BERNINA 790 PLUS: First Impressions

The BERNINA 790 PLUS Sewing and Embroidery Machine is intuitive, user-friendly, and sleek. I have been getting to know this machine for the last few months. This machine is a key investment for all of your future creative endeavors. This feature-packed machine boasts an array of stitches for every type of sewer. Whether you are a quilter, garment sewer, embroidery enthusiast, etc. this is the machine for you! Although this is also an embroidery machine, here are just a few of my favorite sewing features.

User Friendly:

On a sewing machine like the 790 PLUS, everything is extremely visual when it comes to navigating your way around the machine. The interface is extremely well-lit and allows you to see every aspect of your sewing. Use this screen to select any stitch you may need. The default stitch is a straight stitch once powered on. On the right hand side right next to your stitches you will see the icons that allow you to look through decorative stitches, alphabets and fonts, buttonholes and even the on board memory! Yes, this machine also features memory that comes in handy when manipulating the settings.

If you are unsure of what you might be looking at on your screen, simply touch the question mark icon and then touch the icon or area you are unsure of and the machine will tell you what it is. Below the question mark icon, you will see the “eco” icon which will put the machine into power save mode. This is helpful when you need to walk away from the machine but do not want to power it off quite yet.

The “dress form” icon allows you to choose the type of fabric you are stitching along with a technique such as inserting a zipper or making a buttonhole.

Push Button Features:

These 4 buttons are definitely my favorite when it comes to sewing. The first button glowing green is the start/stop button. This allows you to sew without a foot pedal. Below it is the presser foot up/down button that raises and lowers the presser foot. although there are a few ways to raise and lower the presser foot on this machine, this is the most convenient.  Next is the electronic Thread Cutter button. When you have stopped sewing at the end of your seam, this will cut your top and bottom threads and raise your presser foot. Lastly, the reverse/back stitch button which is standard. This allows you to backstitch and secure your stitches while sewing.

The functions of the last three buttons mentioned can be mixed and matched with the multi-function foot pedal on this machine. This means with one click of the foot pedal you can raise your presser foot, cut your threads, secure your seam, or all three at once!

On Board Memory:

The on board memory/storage is a game changer. This feature allows you to store any settings that differ from the factory default settings the machine will have when it is turned on. Use this section of your machine to add any new settings you may like or delete what no longer serves you. One example of using this feature would be if you are working with a knit fabric that needs less pressure foot pressure, just the right length and width of a zig-zag stitch and thread tension, save those settings here. Once you have done this, they will remain stored in the machine after it is powered off.

And so much more…

This and SO much more can be found on this magnificent sewing machine. Over the next several months, I will be bringing you sewing content centered around the BERNINA 790 PLUS. See my most recent Tik Toks here titled “BERNINA 790 PLUS Intro” and “Top Five BERNINA 790 PLUS Features”.

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