Macy Sews Beads of Courage Bags

Hi, I’m Macy and I’m 11 years old and in 6th grade. I started sewing when I was nine years old and in the fourth grade.

Macy Nunan, Quilter and BERNINA Sewing Machine Owner

I had a non-cancerous jaw tumor that was removed back in 2016. I spent approximately one year receiving daily injections at home and making trips to Women’s and Children’s Hospital for outpatient clinic visits and they recommended I not attend my school.

I had an amazing homebound teacher that came out to my house. The first day that she came out she noticed that I had a sewing machine. She asked if I knew how to sew and I told her that I had just got my machine and I was wanting to learn how but no one in my family knew how. Her reply was life-changing. “I know a lady who is 92 years old and happens to be my mother-in-law and I am sure that she would love to teach you how and as a matter of fact you have the same brand of sewing machine. Would you like to go out and meet her after school today”? “Sure”.

Macy Nunan with her sewing mentor

That was one of the best days of my life. From there we have made many quilts and projects together and I consider her one of my “grandmas.” One of the other things that we have made together is Beads of Courage bead bags.

Beads of Courage Bags sewn by Macy Nunan

Here is an article about me.

Macy Nunan Sews Beads of Courage Bags for little patients like her

They are for the hospital for kids like me, who have been sick and have had many medical problems.

Macy Nunan Sewed Beads of Courage bead bags for donation

The bags are to store your beads in. You receive a bead every time that you have something done to you like an x-ray, labs, or doctors visit.

Each bead is a different color for every different thing.  Here is the link for you to learn more about it.

Macy Nunan donates sewn beads of courage bags

So far we have donated 1,750 bags to the hospital and have a goal of 2,000. The first time that we went do donate the first 100 bags my dad said, “If Macy had it her way she would have the world’s best sewing machine.” One of the nurses then said, “Well you do know that she qualifies for Make-a-Wish, right?” 

Macy receives her BERNINA 790 Plus AE machine at AppleTree Quilting

My parents and the doctors completed the paperwork and they got it turned into Make-a-Wish. A few weeks or so went by we got an email from Make-a-Wish saying that I qualified. I visited Appletree Quilting Center and I picked out the sewing machine that I wanted and we then sent it to Make-a-wish. I received the machine on March 9, 2019 at Appletree Quilting Center in Columbia, Missouri.

Macy Nunan and her new BERNINA 790 Plus Sewing Machine

The machine that I chose was a BERNINA 790 Plus Anniversary Edition and I love it.

Macy Nunan with her new BERNINA 790 Plus AE machine

My family and I had a great trip to Chicago. The BERNINA of America office visit and my lunchdate with the CEO of BERNINA of America, Paul Ashworth, was amazing. 

Macy Nunan has lunch with Paul Ashworth, CEO BERNINA of America

I got to see what my BERNINA 790 Plus Anniversary Edition machine looks from the inside. So Cool!

Macy sees the insides of her BERNINA 790 Plus AE sewing machine

The warehouse was also very impressive.

Macy visits BERNINA of America

I also really enjoyed sewing with Hayley and getting to meet Amanda Murphy.

Macy's sewing project at BERNINA of America

Macy Nunan and Amanda Murphy at BERNINA of America

I can’t thank Millie enough for contacting the BERNINA of America team for me. The trip to Chicago is something I will never forget.

Below are a few things that I have made.

Quilt by Macy Nunan

St. Louis Cardinals 5th Inning Quilt by Macy Nunan

Quilt by Quilter MAcy Nunan

Macy Nunan's Quilt

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8 comments on “Macy Sews Beads of Courage Bags”

  • It’s really heartmoving…. she’s desserving the best machine but most of all, a happy long life without any harms.
    Best wishes from France little girl.

  • What an inspiring young sewist! Macy you are such a blessing to so many and I am so happy you are a proud owner of a 790! Enjoy your new machine!

  • Macy, you are amazing! Wonderful things line up for wonderful people like you. Instead of laying around feeling sorry for yourself or for being bashful/shy about meeting a 92-year-old woman, you embraced life. Very inspirational!!!

  • Macy, thank you for sharing your story. You are a brave girl. I am proud of you – on so many levels: having courage, having a sweet loving heart, and making these bags for others. I love you so much. I hope you continue to have a strong healthy happy super life from this day on!
    Always ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Macy, What a wonderful story you have. I am blessed to hear our story and your heart for others. May god continue to bless you and encourage you in all your sewing endeavors.

  • Wow Macy you turned a very trying time in your life into a positive one! I bet you love your machine. Did you name it? I named mine after my mom because she taught me how to sew?. You made my day Macy-thank you!

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