Jetsetter Bags

Jetsetter Bags

Traveling is always exciting and adventurous! Packing . . . not so much! So I want to help your traveling experience by creating these adorable and super useful Jetsetter Bags with alphabetical embroidery. In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a drawstring casing and alphabetical embroidery, so sit back, relax and enjoy the tutorial.

Materials to sew the Jetsetter Bags

Cutting Instructions:

Cutting instructions are the same for FABRICS  D, E, F, G, H, AND I, for the purpose and accuracy of this tutorial, we will be focusing on just one bag (with the exception of the alphabetical embroidery)

  • Cut 2 (two) 15″ by 15″ of  FABRIC A
  • Cut 1 (one) 1 1/2″ by 40″ of FABRIC A
  • Cut 2 (two) 15″ by 14″ of FABRIC B
  • Cut 2 (two) 15″ by 10″ of FABRIC B
  • Cut 2 (two)  15″ by 14″ of FABRIC C
  • Cut 1 (one) 17″ by 18″ of Tear-Away Stabilizer

Step 1- Alphabetical Embroidery 

Click here to learn how to attached the embroidery module.

For this tutorial, I will explain how to create one bag (with Fabric A), the steps are the same for the other two. We will be using the Oval hoop for this embroidery. Mark the center of the motif in the 15″ by 14″ of Fabric B using a water-soluble pen. Then loosen the screw on the outer hoop and remove the inner hoop. Make sure the arrow marks of both hoops match and attach the template holder. Next, place the template in the inner hoop, so the BERNINA logo is at the front edge at the arrow mark until in clicks in place. Place Fabric B and tear away stabilizer under the inner hoop and line up the marked center point on the center of the template. Now place Fabric B, stabilizer, and the inner hoop on the outer hoop so that the arrows of both hoops match. As a final step, attach the hoop to the embroidery module (explained in video).


Prep your machine with needle, embroidery foot (Embroidery foot #26, drop-shaped) and Aurifil thread #2783.

Pat Bravo_Bernina USA_3

Select the Home button and click on the butterfly and hoop side, which is the embroidery section of the machine.

Pat Bravo_Bernina USA_4

Select the alphabetical motif.

Pat Bravo_Bernina USA_5

We are will use motif #3.

Pat Bravo_Bernina USA_6

Let’s start with TOILETRIES, type the word on the screen’s keys and hit the green button.

Pat Bravo_Bernina USA_7

Select the size of the hoop, in this case it will be the oval hoop, 145 x 255.

Pat Bravo_Bernina USA_8

You see that our embroidery is horizontal and we want it vertical, so click on the information icon and then on the Rotating the Motif icon.

Pat Bravo_Bernina USA_9

Press the +90 degree icon.

Pat Bravo_Bernina USA_10

And your motif will rotate vertically 90 degrees.

Pat Bravo_Bernina USA_11

Exit the previous window and your screen will look like this.

Pat Bravo_Bernina USA_12

Now start stitching! The embroidery will approximately take 8 minutes.

Pat Bravo_Bernina USA_13

And this is the final result.

Pat Bravo_Bernina USA_14

Repeat this same step with the 15″ by 14″ of FABRIC D and F.

Pat Bravo_Bernina USA_16

Pat Bravo_Bernina USA_18

Step 2- Constructing the Bag

Prep your machine by changing the presser feet to the Reverse pattern foot #1 and selecting straight stitch #1.

Pat Bravo_Bernina USA_21

Take one of the 15″ by 15″ piece of  FABRIC A, and cut the embroidery piece (Fabric B) to 15” by 10”.  Cut away the extra stabilizer close to the embroidery.

Pat Bravo_Bernina USA_19

Now make sure embroidery side of Fabric B is facing the right side of Fabric A and stitch along bottom edge with 1/2″ seam allowance as shown below.

Pat Bravo_Bernina USA_20

Take the last 15” by 15” piece of Fabric A, and the 15” by 10” piece of Fabric B, and sew together in the same way.

Pat Bravo_Bernina USA_23

Now that you have both the front and the back pieces finished, let’s sew them together with a 1/2” seam allowance. To do so, place right sides of the fabric facing each other and stitch around, leaving the top of the bag open.

Pat Bravo_Bernina USA_24

Fold it over and press. Now you have the outer part of your jetsetter bag ready!

Pat Bravo_Bernina USA_25

Step 3- Creating The Drawstring Button Hole

Prep your machine by attaching the automatic buttonhole foot with slide (Buttonhole foot with slide # 3A) and select stitch #51.

Pat Bravo_Bernina USA_27

Select the Info button and change the length of stitch to 8.0 which will measure 1/2”.

Pat Bravo_Bernina USA_28

Measure 5 1/2” from top to bottom and mark with your spot with water-soluble pen. Next, measure first from left to right 6” and mark your spot, make this same step from right to left. Now from that spot that you marked, measure 1/2, this will be the size of your button hole.

Pat Bravo_Bernina USA_26a

Make sure the button hole is being sewn only in the front layer of the bag. Start sewing from the 6” mark. The button hole size is already configured to measure 1/2” and will go over the 1/2” marked. Repeat this step to the other side.

Pat Bravo_Bernina USA_29

Step 4- Lining 

Prep your machine by changing the presser feet to the Reverse pattern foot and selecting straight stitch #1. Get the two 15″ by 14″ of FABRIC C, place right side of the fabric facing each other and sew around with a 1/4” seam allowance, leaving a 5” opening on the 14” side.

Pat Bravo_Bernina USA_30

With the lining still inside out, take the outer part of the bag and insert inside the lining. Make sure edges are aligned (outer part is longer so you will feel the extra fabric gathering inside) pin in place and stitch around.

Pat Bravo_Bernina USA_32

Pat Bravo_Bernina USA_31

Turn over bag and insert your hand inside to pull bag right side out. Push lining inside the bag, and push out the corners of the bag, press well.

Pat Bravo_Bernina USA_33

Turn over bag again and fold the top of the bag making sure the edge of Fabric A (outer part) touches the edges of Fabric C (lining) and press. Now you will be creating the drawstring casing. Stitch 1/4” apart from edge of lining (first line) around the bag. Lastly, stitch 1/2” apart from first stitch (second line) around the bag.

Pat Bravo_Bernina USA_34

Once it’s stitched all around, stitch closed the 5″ opening in the lining. You can either hand stitch it or machine stitch it.

Pat Bravo_Bernina USA_35

Step 4- Drawstring 

Let’s move the needle to the right by pressing the “Needle left/right” button up to number 5 (which will be 1/8 seam allowance)

Pat Bravo_Bernina USA_36

Take  1.5″ by 40″ of FABRIC A and fold the sides 1/4” in towards center as shown in the image below and iron press.

Pat Bravo_Bernina USA_38

Lastly, fold it in half and iron press.

Pat Bravo_Bernina USA_39

Align the edges of the drawstring to the edge of the presser foot (fold of the drawstring will be on the right, as the image shows) and stitch from top to bottom. For this, I like to remove the slide on table, it is easier for me, but you are free to created this as you see fit.

Pat Bravo_Bernina USA_37

Using a safety pin, pin the edge of the drawstring and insert into the button hole as shown below. The safety pin will aid you to pass it all the way through the length of the casing.

Pat Bravo_Bernina USA_40

Once you pull the drawstring through, knot both edges of the string and you are done!

Pat Bravo_Bernina USA_41

Congratulations! You completed this adorable and super useful Jetsetter Bag. And remember, the steps remain the same for the other two!

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  • Collecting the embroidery unit for my 770QE next month so hope this will be a great learning project which I can do. Love all the detail you give. Thank you so much.

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