DIY Winter Flower Hair Ties

How to Make Winter Flower Hair Ties

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These cute hair ties can be made in any combination of colors and textures. Made out of felt, they are easy to sew. Can’t use a hair tie? Transform one into a brooch for your lapel!

AltSummit 13 FEATURE copy

Alt Design Summit SLC 2013 – It Was Rad!

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I can’t believe that ALT Design Summit is over and we are back home in Chicagoland, inspired! What a great, fun-filled event this was; meeting all the wonderful independent lifestyle bloggers, designers, true artists and adventurers, not to mention all the stylish fashionistas.

Grandma Camp part 2 - Zipper Critter Dogs by Kerri Finn #sew #diy #camp #weallsew

Grandma Camp, Part 2: Zipper Critter Dogs

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My campers love dogs. What could be better than their own dog pillows, to sleep with and to hold their pj’s? I used bright, leftover fabrics in all different colors, old buttons and my collection of colored zippers. They were constant companions all camp long!

Owlivia Slough Bag by Lisa Klingbeil, Through the Needle ONLINE magazine, Issue #15 #diy #sew #weallsew

Owlivia Slouch Bag: A Blank Canvas

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My Owlivia Slouch Bag in Through the Needle ONLINE #15 uses all of the DesignWorks components plus embroidery. I have to admit that CrystalWork used is quickly becoming a favorite of mine – it’s quick and easy and I think every project needs just a little sparkle to make it pop. Don’t you?

Quilting Divas Retreat with Nancy Prince #sew #quilt #thread paint #diy #weallsew

Quilting Divas Retreat with Nancy Prince

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Nancy Prince is hosting her first-ever quilting retreat in sunny Orlando, Florida, April 30-May 5, 2013. Spend four days thread-painting with Nancy, or bring your own project to work on. Don’t know what thread painting is? Instead of using a paintbrush and paint you’ll used your sewing machine needle (the “brush”) and thread (the “paint”).


Sew to Serve: Snuggles Project

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The Snuggles Project needs help from sewers and crafters like you to serve homeless animals. Read about how you can help!

Fabric Valentine's Day Postcards - Donna Krebill #sew #diy #holiday #valentine #weallsew

Fabric Postcard Valentines

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It’s easy to make your own fabric Valentines using bits and pieces of fabric and quilt blocks. A wonderful, personally-crafted card from a crafty person to someone who knows you love fabrics and quilting. They will love it, and you will have saved $4 to $5 on a purchased card.

alt design summit feature 315x214_ w

Alt Design Summit or Bust!

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For the second year, BERNINA of America is one of the proud sponsors at ALT Design Summit and I am fortunate that I get to attend AGAIN. My bags are over-packed and I am leaving today for a fun-filled three days in Salt Lake City! “Iamsoexcited,” is an understatement.

Mandala Backpack by Genette McKnight #sew #embroider #diy

Mandala Backpack

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Mandela is a word of Sanskrit that means circle. I used this as the theme for my granddaughter’s backpack because I wanted her to have something that she could grow with.

Brandy Maslowski's quilt - That Bloomin' Curve #diy #sew #quilt


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Brenda Maslowski always kids about making sure her BERNINA sewing machine is seat-belted into the vehicle before checking if anyone else is safe and secure, so you can imagine her dismay the day her machine went silent.