Alice Voss-Kantor

Location: Chicago land

Hobbies: I am a passionate horseback rider and come from a family with horse riding background. I love to travel to exotic places and scuba dive. The island Saba in the Caribbean counts as one of my favorite destinations.

Favorite Type of Sewing: I love crafty projects, my current favorite are the adorable ugly dolls.

As the marketing manager at BERNINA of America, Alice manages the WeAllSew blog and the BERNINA USA social media platforms. Alice is fascinated by social media; it is an ever-evolving medium that keeps you moving with the latest trends. Alice, originally from Germany, started her career in Switzerland where she joined BERNINA. She discovered her passion for crafting and designs while having all these great BERNINA products all around her. She currently lives in the area of the great city of Chicago.

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