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Meet Julie Eilber of Jet Set Sewing

Meet Julie Eilber, one of our newest WeAllSew Experts.On her blog, JetSetSewing.com, she shares the pleasures and pitfalls of working with vintage patterns, reconstructing Chanel-style jackets, and creating copies of garments by designers such as Charles James, Elsa Schiaparelli, Madame Vionnet and Claire McCardell. … More

DIY Bluework Revival Table Runner

Antique quilting meets modern method. We all cherish hand-quilted antiques but we don’t always have the time to honor this wonderful tradition. Luckily, there is a faster way! Recreate the traditional look of bluework with a hand-look stitch on your sewing machine. Revive tradition and create the heirlooms of tomorrow. … More

Entredeux Heirloom Sewing Tip

Entredeux means “between two” in French. It is a narrow strip of batiste with tiny square holes down the center of the strip. I love to use it between two seams and when joining lace to fabric. Gives the dainty vintage effect I love! … More