WeAllSew Celebrates Our Amazing Fans

Our fans are amazing! We’ve just reached 55,000 likes on our BERNINA USA Facebook fan page, and that means it’s time for another giveaway! We quickly gained another 1,000 fans to hit 55,000 likes on our Facebook fan page—we love our fans! As a way to say “Thank You!” to all who join us at Facebook to share your love of sewing and creating with us, we are holding another special giveaway. If you are already a fan of BERNINA USA on Facebook, then you know that we’ve pledged to host a giveaway with a chance to win fun prizes like goody-bags, sewing books and even fabrics right here each and every time we gain another 1,000 likes through the end of 2013! Join in the fun by clicking over to our fan page, Like us, and be sure to keep your eyes open for our next giveaway.


Our prize for this drawing is an autographed copy of the book Start Quilting by Alex Anderson! To enter the random drawing for a chance to win, simply respond to the question below with a comment to this blog post. (The contest is open for comments through tomorrow, Thursday August 9th at 12:00 midnight Central Time. We’ll announce the winner right here at WeAllSew.com next week, so stay tuned and good luck to you!)

Our question for the giveaway is:

What is your favorite type of sewing; crafts, quilting, garments, or something completely different?


Sweepstakes Rules: Open to residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia. One comment per fan. Comment must be submitted to the WeAllSew.com blog within 24 hours after blog post posting by August 9th, 12:00 midnight Central Time. Winner will be chosen randomly. Winner announcement one week after sweepstakes ends.

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144 thoughts on “WeAllSew Celebrates Our Amazing Fans

  1. I love to sew little girl clothes. This is good since I have a 4 year old granddaughter. I like to add a monogram, pockets, any thing to make it special. Right now, sewing is therapy for me.

  2. I have been sewing since I was ten years old- I started with garment construction and making my own school clothes. Now I mainly sew crafts and home dec items and for the last 15 years my greatest passion is quilting.

  3. Congratulations on such a tremendous milestone!
    Garments are definitely my favorite to sew, although I find most of my time is spent on clothing accessories, aka “crafts”, such as purses, scarves and such. I’d like to do more creative stitching with mixed media for solely artistic pieces at some point.

  4. Definitely quilting….well, maybe mending with a smidge of garment construction……then again there’s embroidery. I guess I love it all!

  5. I enjoy piecing–seeing the project pieces come together to make fabric designs and pictures. fabric often sings to me and with piecing often hear a group or choir.+

  6. My favorite type of sewing right now is appliqué quilting. I am currently working on a pillow that combines both, and having a lot of fun with it. I love my Bernina 1230, which is approximately 20 years old and works like new!

  7. Quilting from start to finish. But also making things for my grand babies. Also now making bias tape to be used on hospital gowns for very ill children. Makes my heart warm.

  8. My newest favorite kind of sewing is sewing things that can be “upcycled.” For example, right now I’m working on making a purse out of a child’s dress that I bought at a yard sale for a dollar.

  9. My favorite part of sewing is making totes, purses, clutches, and just starting to add garments. I just started sewing in Oct 2012 and got my first Bernina 380 few weeks later.

    PS I don’t know how many comments you will receive – It kept bouncing me off my login );

  10. My favorite part of sewing is collecting the fabric! I know, I know, I’m supposed to actually sew it into something at some point, but the colors and textures draw me in … and before I know it, I have more fabric in my stash!
    I do love quilting, apparel sewing and fabric crafting.

  11. I love to quilt, and it was Simply quilts that got me interested. I learned to sew as a child so a sewing machine was not unfamiliar to me .. I love to quilt, sew, craft and embroider all on a sewing machine 🙂

  12. My favorite type is sewing small cosmetic bags and the like. I I like how quickly they can be made. My very close second -almost a tie- is quilting. I enjoy the whole process, and the satisfaction when such a large project is complete.

  13. I have to have a favorite? I love embellishing ready-made garments with Bernina embroidery, but have begun to watch the sewing webinars and now enjoy making garments, like the circle skirts, on which to embroider.

  14. I love to make crafts especially little bags for your purse from novelty fabrics. Then I give them to clerks, nurses, teachers, etc. as a surprise. Love to see their smiles when they get something unexpected. Makes my life better, too.

  15. When my girls were little I loved sewing fancy dresses for them, then as teens it was prom dresses. Now they are grown quilting has become my favorite followed by home decor.

  16. I love to sew, embroider, and serge. It is so easy to love sewing when you have a Bernina machine. All my errors have been of the human type and not the machines since I bought my Bernina.

  17. This is going to sound silly, but my favourite thing to make are dice bags. I make these lined bags which I sell as “dice bags,” but they’re just lined pouches with drawstrings. I’m part of a big RPG community.

  18. I just recently lost my precious mom. As we went thru her little apartment, I was shocked find all the little things that I had sewn for her over the last 30 years. Some, rather embarrassing to me now as my skills have grown, but they were precious to her. Her favorite piece was a wall hanging I embroidered a few years ago that had her favorite Hymn and complimentary embroidery designs. She treasured it and hung in the entry way of her home. Another was her little purple jacket that I embroidered with Red Hat Ladies designs. I can’t bring myself to wash it as it still smells like her. Maybe someday. For now I hold it close and think of all the fond memories of this amazing woman who taught me the love of sewing.

  19. I do machine embroidery on items I make. I do tote bags, purses, baby items (bibs, burp cloths, and baby quilts). Love your tutorials, I always find something new to try.

  20. I really enjoy designing and making clothing and assistive items for people who have special needs. It gives me a great creative outlet, and makes something attractive and functional that adds life.

  21. I sew Rodeo Queen clothes from dresses to shirts. I do some leather but most of the dresses I make are from gaberdine with embroidered or appliqued designs and lots of sparkle and rhinestones……It really is fun to see when the pieces are done and they are in the arena or on the fashion floor….

  22. Love making quilts, but have been making bags, purses, totes, table runners and table toppers as well. I made a retro apron this year for mom, and oh boy, that was fun. (not) Quilting is a lot easier than making clothes, and besides, pattern makers don’t make nice clothes in my size. So a quilt is loved and used no matter what size. It truly is one size fits all.

  23. It’s easier for me to list my least favorite (alterations), because there are a number of things that I do obsessively, but kind of in rotation. Those would be costumes, heirloom, quilting and doll clothes. Love them all.

  24. I have been sewing on a Bernina since I was 4 years old. I have 6 machines now and they specialize in different techniques. So it is hard for me to narrow it down to just one type of sewing. At this point and time in my life I am loving quilting. 10-15 years ago it was all about embroidery. Then throughout the year it changes depending on who I am sewing for. I am sure when the grandkids come along it will be clothes and toys as it was when my children were little. In a nutshell, I love all types even the ones that are taking me years to finish, the reason why is because I have tools – my Berninas. I have sewn on other ladies machines at church and just feel so blessed that my momma raised me on the best! I truly believe that I wouldn’t have developed as many sewing talents & projects if I was on any other machines.

  25. I started sewing garments way back when, then gravitated to crafts. Most recently it’s quilting with a garment here and there. There was a time when I even sewed my outdoor gear when Frostline kits was around. (Down sleeping bags and vest, bicycle packs, winter clothing, etc.)

  26. My next project is a christening outfit for my new grandson and a dress for his sister! Then, it’s on to quilts for my daughters! I love my Bernina! It’s such a joy to use!

  27. My favorite type of sewing is anything I design myself- the satisfaction of seeing a garment or a bag I’ve planned out without a pattern come together is beyond words. Even if it’s something simple, like the potholders I designed last night for my new apartment, sized specifically to fit my hands, I feel so accomplished when it’s finished and I can look at it and know that I have something that no one else in the world has.

    The one type of sewing I haven’t tried yet is actually quilting, though I’ve been meaning to, since goodness knows I have enough colorful scraps for it… so perhaps this book is just what the doctor ordered. 🙂

  28. I have traditionally done more garments than anything else, but since I got my new Bernina 580E, a whole world of projects have found their way to my list…I have done my first quilt! Embroidery all kinds of fun things and have even worked on stuffed animals. I have also made my machine covers to coordinate in my sewing room. So I can’t really say that I am any one of those things… I’m looking for new projects every day!

  29. I have just gotten into quilting. Right now I am using my antique Singer sewing machine. While it is so much fun using the little workhorse and makes me think fondly of my Grandmother, Mother and all the love they put into the many garments and household items they sewed on it, I dream of one day soon owning and sewing on a Bernina! Thank you for the opportunity — I really hope I win!!

  30. I have been sewing since I was 10 I started out making clothes for my self, then for others. I mad a few quilts. When I was 23 I copied my Grandmothers wedding dress, when my son was born I made most of his clothes. Then I got into decorating and crafts. Now at 52 I do mostly Quilting and purses etc.

  31. That is a hard choice. I have taken up both quilting and machine embroidery just over a year ago and love to do both. Love my Bernina 830 and 330 🙂

  32. My aunt taught me to sew when I was 8 or 9 years old on an old vintage sewing machine. I made a pair of cotton shorts that I wore all summer. I haven’t stopped sewing since. My favorite sewing projects have been sewing for my two children (grown up now), and decorating my home. I would very much love to begin quilting, as it is would open up many creative projects.

  33. My favorite has to be quilting. Love being able to give a quilt knowing that they will have it for years. Also the while quilting process is a creative journey.

  34. I like making crafts- quick items that can be given as gifts. But a close second is quilting. I love the entire process of choosing a pattern, the fabrics, the sewing, and putting it all together.

  35. I love making handbags , wallets, totes, quilts and love embroidery….pillow cases…I guess I love it all…it really is very relaxing and my get away…Would love. To learn more how to..love to learn…at 67 I’m still learning and will never stop. Now that I’m retired I have plenty of time to do the things I like and sewing , quilting and embroidery are at the top of my list…thank you Bernina for making such a great machine. I bought it. A few years back and have loved it every day…..

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