WeAllSew Celebrates Our Loyal Fans

Wow, we’ve just reached 53,000 likes on our BERNINA USA Facebook fan page, and that means it’s time for another giveaway! We quickly gained another 1,000 fans to hit 53,000 likes on our Facebook fan page—we love our fans! As a way to say “Thank You!” to all who join us at Facebook to share your love of sewing and creating with us, we are holding a another special giveaway. If you are already a fan of BERNINA USA on Facebook, then you know that we’ve pledged to host a giveaway with a chance to win fun prizes like goody-bags, sewing books and even fabrics right here each and every time we gain another 1,000 likes through the end of 2013! Join in the fun by clicking over to our fan page, Like us, and be sure to keep your eyes open for our next giveaway.

Our prize for this drawing is a set of fun fat quarters of fabric! To enter the random drawing for a chance to win, simply respond to the question below with a comment to this blog post. (The contest is open for comments through tomorrow, July 24 at 12:00 midnight Central Time. We’ll announce the winner right here at WeAllSew.com next week, so stay tuned and good luck to you!)

Our question for the giveaway is:

What is the next sewing project you plan on making?


Sweepstakes Rules: Open to residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia. One comment per fan. Comment must be submitted to the WeAllSew.com blog within 24 hours after blog post posting by July 24, 12:00 midnight Central Time. Winner will be chosen randomly. Winner announcement one week after sweepstakes ends.

176 thoughts on “WeAllSew Celebrates Our Loyal Fans

  1. Oh dear…next in the line up? Well, I have one dress and a pair of shorts for my 5 year old cut out and ready to sew. But before I get to those I will probably cut out a doll dress, 1 more dress and a pair of pants for the 5 year old, plus some cute little ruffled Mary Janes for the 3 month niece. I like to do things assembly style.

  2. Perhaps you really mean “next projectS” I have a box of them waiting. What has just “bubbled” to the top is my guest bathroom. I’ve gotten a plain fabric shower curtain & 2 sets of towels that will be embellished with embroideries from OESD’s “Garden Song” collection.

  3. Love my bernina, its the best machine I have ever owned. I am now making childrens aprons for a craft fair I am doing with my daughter. My daughter and I have also decided to do a mother/daughter challenge where we are both doing a quilt each with a half jelly roll to see what we can come up with. Thanks for such a great product.

  4. My next project is a jacket made of light blue and lilac rayon batik. I haven’t done much garment sewing lately so I’m looking forward to the project.

  5. My next project would be working on a quilt that has been on hiatus for sometime. I need to sew a few more squares and then start putting them together. I need to find time….

  6. I plan on quilting a tshirt quilt top that I completed last year, but put aside. Definitely have too many unfinished projects! Thanks for another giveaway!

  7. My next sewing project is to go through and finish a group of unfinished projects that are presents for people. I’m having a baby in about 6 weeks and I need the peace of mind of knowing those things are done. 🙂

  8. I am making squares for quilts with my grand children for SUNSHINE 4 ALL . Would love everyone to read about it and contribute quilt squares. Simon Haskins has been diagnosed with this horrible disease and is working on this project..

  9. I am currently working on a throw using 2-1/2″ precuts. The precuts are batiks….and this throw will be quite colorful when complete!

  10. My next project is a clutch purse with a chevron fabric. I may make several and give them as Christmas gifts also. Thanks for the giveaway – love fun new fabrics!

  11. Hope this is where I am suppose to comment for the sweepstakes. My next sewing project is a quilt for my son and his fiancee. Their wedding is the end of September, and I would like to have it done by then.

  12. I am starting on my Christmas gifts early this year – odd – I am usually counting the hours I have left before some of them have to be mailed and doing finishing touches on the ones being hand delivered – on Christmas Eve! I am a glutton for punishment!

  13. I have been gathering fabric for a “big girl” quilt for my Granddaughter who will be 3 in September. But in the meantime, I need to finish a quilt that I started for my son for Christmas of last year! It got put away for a while, but it keeps calling my name! It should be done in just a few days, if nothing more pressing pops up. We all know how that goes!

  14. A patchwork quilt out of all the fun scraps that I’ve accumulated from many beloved projects over the years, to celebrate the end of one chapter of my life and the beginning of another, as I get ready to move across the country to study Fiber Art in Portland, OR. 🙂

  15. About to start on a Halloween costume. My granddaughter will be going as Elphaba from Wicked. I’m making a jumper, a jacket and a top so she’ll have green skin. ☺

  16. I have been making purses and baby blanket. Can always use more fabric to make these. By the way, love my Bernina and would fight to the death if someone tried to take it away 🙂 But, maybe I’m not kidding so watch out.

  17. I have to integrate all of my mother’s sewing things into my sewing room before I can finish my granddaughter’s rag quilt. (The room is currently a MESS!) 60 years of sewing stuff from my mother has to go into my sewing room. I can’t wait to start to use some of her things into my grandchildren’s sewing projects!

  18. Lots of baby quilts on my list! I am currently working on a Nautical Quilt created with EQ7 using Timeless Treasure Coastal Mini’s fabrics. That quilt is for my Great Grandson, Isaac. Next will be four little girl baby quilts.

  19. I want to make a swoon block quilt, maybe in autumn colors. But I also intend to make new slipcovers for my sofa and a chair so that’s probably next.

  20. I am the excited new owner of a B780! My next project is a dress for my 2 year old granddaughter with a whale appliqued in the hoop!
    Lori Lewis

  21. My next project is from the April 2002 American Patchwork and Quilting magazine. It is called Chain of Love. I have just started cutting out the pieces. I must have been crazy or not paying attention when I decided to make this, these pieces are so tiny. They are 1 1/2′. I am doing it in brown, cream, and dark blues.

  22. With my Grandmother’s 830 that was purchased in 1976…I will be creating and free-motion-quilting some lunch bags for a friend’s kids and a set of hot pads for a customer.

  23. My grandson wants a duvet cover that looks like a referee’s shirt, so I’ll be sewing strips of alternating black & white fabric to make this & matching pillowcases.

  24. My husband is demanding a bed quilt since I keep giving all my quilts away. He said he’s next in line. Haven’t decided on the pattern yet, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be Cozy Quilt design.

  25. Making a couple of sun dresses for my granddaughter and great niece! Thanks for the giveaway chance, Bernina is the greatest machine out there! Love my 2

  26. I’m finishing 6 batik beach bags for an upcoming week with family at a Lake Michigan beach house. Everyone gets one in their favorite colors.

  27. I have several UFO’s I am anxious to complete: Tee Shirt Quilt for son; summer top for me; pillow cases to spiff up my room. that will keep me busy and energized for a few days.

  28. My next project is the southern Indiana Shop Hop quilt. I’m really excited about it. We had so much fun driving around and meeting the shop owners.

  29. I want to “paint” with designworks to make a new pillow. Something ocean related. Still looking for the proper vector file I want to use.

  30. Next projects will be many kitty cat mats embroidered for cat show prizes. I support several show with these handmade gifts in the fall each year.

  31. I am enrolled in the upcoming class at Stitched in Color, so I’ll be making whatever wonderful thing Rachel has dreamed up! I’m so excited!

  32. I’m going to make a skirt for my grand daughter & teach her to make a simple skirt. Also I’m going to help someone in my women’s weight training class make a simple wall hanging.

  33. My next sewing project — I have 5 yards of midnight navy silk dupioni that is going to become something special for me. I am thinking a jacket/tunic for work and using the various stitches on my B380 to add a bit of pizazz. I also have the Spanish hemstitch attachment so that will add a bit of interest too. Anything left will probably become a straight skirt and hopefully a fun little fluff hat. The hat for my collection the skirt to wear.

      1. I will try to remember to post photos as I work on this. The first step is probably the most challenging, altering a pattern to fit. Second is to design the fabric embellishment elements for the tunic/jacket. The stitching is the fun part. I may not be modeling it, but I will take photos of the outfit and hat on my My Double Dressform. Will post as I go along. Thanks for the support and the inspiration of the blog.

  34. I’m re-doing a doll dress for my grandaughter: I managed to sew the yokes wrong. I don’t have more fabric to start over, so I’m ripping and hope that there is not too much fraying since the seams are tiny. Then I have one more outfit of pants and top to finish before mailing to Europe.


  35. My next project is going to be either a little purse and dress for my Granddaughter who has a birthday at the end of August or an Tablet cover for my husband.

  36. I’m having trouble answering your question! I have the beautiful lace skirt I’m finishing for my daughter and I would really like to start on another pair of Tofino lounge pants from Sewaholic, however I’m also building my inventory for my future Etsy store, TitaniumWomanCrafts. Since the proceeds from the sale of any of my items will go to support my niece battling lymphoma, I think the best thing to do would be to work on that. I will be making a lot of gorgeous eye pillows made from marbled silk and cotton fabrics my sister. This is her profession and she was so generous to donate so much of her fabric to me to help support my niece. So, there you have it, I’ll be making eye pillows!

  37. Hi All! I have partial thickness tears of the biceps. I need bicep braces like those tennis elbow braces we all have seen at the pharmacies. I can’t find such a thing. I’m making myself a set, with all the gorgeous trimmings! I’m making them with batting and stabilizer inside so I’m actually putting a small embroidery on the outside. Then I’m using some of the great stitches and doing bobbin work around that. I will quilt the brace this way. I have started this already. LOL I have never done bobbin work before; so, it’s taking me awhile. Still on first one!

  38. I have a quilt cut and ready to sew and also some bow ties. It is so awesome to be able to sew on a machine that works so well…and not have to stop every two minutes to readjust thread tension, untangle, take apart , rework, etc! Love my Bernina!

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