WeAllSew Celebrates Our Loyal Fans

Amazing! We’ve just reached 54,000 likes on our BERNINA USA Facebook fan page, and that means it’s time for another giveaway! We quickly gained another 1,000 fans to hit 54,000 likes on our Facebook fan page—we love our fans! As a way to say “Thank You!” to all who join us at Facebook to share your love of sewing and creating with us, we are holding another special giveaway. If you are already a fan of BERNINA USA on Facebook, then you know that we’ve pledged to host a giveaway with a chance to win fun prizes like goody-bags, sewing books and even fabrics right here each and every time we gain another 1,000 likes through the end of 2013! Join in the fun by clicking over to our fan page, Like us, and be sure to keep your eyes open for our next giveaway.

Our prize for this drawing is a must-have for any stitcher, the Swiss Sew-Essential tool from BERNINA! To enter the random drawing for a chance to win, simply respond to the question below with a comment to this blog post. (The contest is open for comments through tomorrow, Wednesday July 31 at 12:00 midnight Central Time. We’ll announce the winner right here at WeAllSew.com next week, so stay tuned and good luck to you!)

Our question for the giveaway is:

Where does your sewing machine live?


Sweepstakes Rules: Open to residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia. One comment per fan. Comment must be submitted to the WeAllSew.com blog within 24 hours after blog post posting by July 31, 12:00 midnight Central Time. Winner will be chosen randomly. Winner announcement one week after sweepstakes ends.

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215 thoughts on “WeAllSew Celebrates Our Loyal Fans

    1. Berni lives wherever I live! She has been in Ohio, Indiana, and now in Phoenix. She has her own cabinet that she “purrs” in when we are being creative together. She packs up and goes to classes with me and has even shared her space when friends come to visit. We have decided to be best friends for life. 🙂

  1. My machine has it’s own room all to itself – along with all my fabric, cutting table, quilt wall and all the trappings that go along with sewing crafts, mostly quilting! Love it and my 830!

  2. Which one? Lol
    My 1080 is safely stored as a back
    up. My 1260 is set up for piecing and ready to hit the road, and my 730 is at my work table.
    The big question is where will I put a 780 when I can get one? 😉

  3. One lives in a sewing table in what was originally my breakfast room according the floor plan, but the machine likes the view out the window. My other machine usually lives in a sewing trolley waiting for me to take her to classes, but has been known to come out when the other one is embroidering

  4. Which machine? For the most part, all my machines live in my sewing room. However, sometimes my 440QEE lives in the living room so I can spend time with hubby in the evenings. The 440 is also my class machine, so it can also be found in my car on its way to classes or seminars. My 830LE tends to stay in the sewing room, as does my 1300MDC serger. I love them all!

  5. My sewing machine is somewhat of a vagabond, like me! She lived in my cramped bedroom in Ohio, then in the trunk of my care through my late teens, in her very own room in Florida in my earliest twenties, and now she lives on a built-into-the-apartment sewing table in the living room in Southern Cali. What a life it’s been!

  6. My 830 and 200 sit back to back on custom sewing desk in the room over my garage. Claimed that room when we first looked at buying this house.

  7. My Bernina sewing machines live in my living room which has been converted to be my sewing room. My husband has a nice comfy recliner in there to keep me company. I have lots of room and light.

  8. My beloved Bernina 930 lives in the cabinet that was bought especially for it in 1988. It is still my go-to machine, and gets used nearly every day. My 1130 alternates between a rolling storage case and the table where I spread out large projects, teach, and do machine applique work.

  9. My 5 machines have their own room, which seem to be in a constant state of disarray. However they all seem to be happy, as they always light up and run well when I come into the room

  10. My sewing machine and serger both live in a beautiful pink room with lacy curtains and lots of sunshine (when available). They sit on beautiful antique tables – one in front of each window,and are surrounded by bins of fabric, original artwork, and family photos. It is my favorite room in the house.

  11. My Bernina 830 and my Bernina quilting rack live in my sewing room which was originally two bedrooms but had the wall removed to make one great big ole room for my sweet hobbies!!

  12. My sewing machines live in our basement. ☺ I love having plenty of room to spread out down there. Wow ~ that surely does look like an amazing tool and I’d really love to be the lucky winner. Thanks a bunch for the chance!

  13. My Bernina 350 comfortable sits in my sewing/craft room. She’s like one of my babies. She gets taken care of every day. spoiled. 🙂

  14. My sewing machine lives in the center of our house, the living room. It is in front of the window so it can watch the leaves on the trees move. It has it’s own quilt that covers it and keeps it warm and free from dust.

  15. Hhf

    My Bernina 730 and my awesome Bernina 830 live in what used to be a large living room. They are very happy there. They also live in my heart as they are much beloved!

  16. Currently, in our basement due to a skylight leak above my sewing room. Soon Beast (165) and Monster(750) will be returning to their room with a newly repaired ceiling and painted walls:)

  17. My 580 lives with me wherever I go to sew! We travel all over south Louisiana from one work shop to another. Love to sew!

    Deb and ” ma sheen”!

  18. My Bernina lives in my heart! But it waits in my sewing room in our finished basement for my cat Moses and I to come and make beautiful quilts and projects!

  19. My two Berninas (780 + 830) live in my sewing studio on the second floor of my home. The room is sunny and very pleasant. They enjoy the track lighting that was installed just for them.

  20. My 350SE lives in my living room. We have a great view of the yard so we can keep an eye on things and listen for the birds. We hope to have a room with a view all to ourselves one day.

  21. My favorite bernina is the 730. It is usually set up for embroidery. I am lucky to have a sewing room. My bernina has a spot on the horn cabinet and is always ready to be used. My 380 spends a lot of time in the sewing room. It also spends weekends at the camper. There is something wonderful about sewing while camping. The 380 also goes to classes with me. Sadly my 1230 spends too much time in the closet since the 380 arrived. Thinking about trading it in!

  22. My bernina 730E,440EE, and Serger all live in Houma, Louisiana in my extra bedroom converted to a sewing room. Called Margie’s Sewing Room.

  23. My 1630 lives at the end of our “storage room”, in front of the big front window. Great light here because I have three windows in front and two windows to the side. It sits on my mother’s old sewing machine cabinet. The 130 sits on a cart beside the sewing machine cabinet so I can easily swap out the machines. In a couple of months, my machines will have their own room!

  24. My 180 and my 730E take turns living in the sewing cabinet in the Quilt Cave. The 180 is my old reliable, daily workhorse, and the 730 is the princess that reigns next door in what used to be my grown son’s bedroom – “You call it empty nest, I call it new sewing space!”

  25. After 50 years of sewing on lots of different machines, the Bernina I bought myself for my 60th birthday has a room of its own — my sewing room.

  26. I have a craft room which is both sewing and rubber stamping. Each Bernina has their own sewing table and they are in an “L” shape so I can sew while having something running on the embroidery machine.

  27. My B580 is in the cool Rockler cabinet at my house in Virginia and the 630E is it’s backup and it the sewing room closet presently. My 165E is in my newly created room at my Pennsylvania house.

  28. Hmm….well, today my new 780, my trusty Artista 180 and my 2000DE serger are all lined up on the desk of my “finally after 30 years I have a” sewing room. Some days that 780 travels to classes and some days the Artista travels to my sewing group. I love my Berninas!

  29. My 750, 200e and serger all love living high in the nest of my quilting room-:). So wonderful to look out and see Eagles and other birds flying round.

  30. My 830 is in the cabinet ready to use at a moment’s notice. My 440 is right there to the right and my 153 is waiting in the wings. I love all of my Berninas!

  31. “Bernardo”, my very beautiful rugged 780, lives in our guest room in Bradenton Florida. He gets lots of inspiration from the beautiful view out the front window. When company visits, he gets some R&R in the lower position of a Koala cabinet that guests use as a laptop desk.

  32. Most of them are with me in my basement sewing room, I have about 13 different ones. I do have an old Standard treadle sitting in my living-room.

  33. My sewing machine sits in the side of my kitchen as we do not have a kitchen table in there it works perfect. It has sat in many different homes and in many different rooms before then. The one before this place it had it’s own little room and when I first started 8 years ago it sat in the dining room/living room of our house.

  34. My Bernina 830 sits in all her glory in the middle of my sewing studio. She is called Bertie and is surrounded by a large sewing desk and many light. She is the focal point of my sewing studio. Friends who come to visit me always have to go see Bertie and have me show them everything she can do. I have three friends who have purchased the Bernina 830 because they saw mine. She is my favorite toy! I love her more than my 2014 car!!! No comparrison.

  35. My Bernina(s) live in my living room turned sewing center……My husband was so gracious to let me change the living room to a sewing room and all five Berninas live very happily together!

  36. My sweet sewing machine, a Bernina virtuoso 150 Quilter’s Edition, lives on my kitchen table. She, and all of her friend–the iron, the cutting mat, my rotary cutters, and thr rulers, are always there ready to go on a moment’s notice. A gift from my mother about 15 years ago.

  37. My wonderful 630 lives in my sewing/computer room. Actually, it would love to be attached to me at the hip, no matter where I am, but that’s a little tricky. 😉

  38. They reside in the bedroom of my childhood. I am the fourth generatino to live in my house. In truth though, it’s always with me, tugging me away from the stress of the day…..

  39. My 1130 is in my sewing room surrounded by it’s Sew Steady and most of my ‘tools’. The Kenmore 19142 and the Necchi Supernova Ultra are in the spare bedroom… piecing and machine quilting….

  40. My Berninas live in my sewing room on a custom built sewing table overlooking our wooded front yard. The three Singer 201’s live in the den on display but also used occasionally. My Janome Hello Kitty lives in front of the French doors in a guest bedroom overlooking the back yard.

  41. What a cool tool!! My machineS live in the kitchen. It is more of a “great room” with the actual kitchen over in one corner and “family room” in opposite corner. One machine is on the table, one on a desk, with the serger at the end. Two others are stashed on floor or cabinet, depending on which one I pull out to use for one purpose or another, and is rotated with one of the others.

  42. We converted the family room into my sewing studio a few years ago, so that is where my machines live. When I am not at work, that’s where you can find me as well! Having a dedicated space to house my fabric stash, sewing machines, cutting table and a TV hooked up to my computer so I can watch my favorite sewing shows while working makes it a fun place to be!

  43. My sewing machine lives wherever I live. If I’m at home, she resides in the sewing room. When I I’m traveling, she resides in the car and usually in the room where I sleep.

  44. My machines, Bernina 170QE, 200E and serger live in my dining room that is currently my sewing room. The plan is to turn the bonus room/guest room into a wonderful sewing room, hopefully by the end of the year.

  45. My sewing machine lives in the dining room since I use my dining table as my sewing table. Its portable case sits on the floor behind the family room couch and the sewing machine is stored there when not in use.

  46. My baby has it’s own room but shares it’s space with lots of fabric, patterns and a serger. I’m a serial crafter so I also have scrapbooking stuff and paints, etc. But sewing is my love now so it takes the majority of the space. And we can’t forget big screen tv…how could I get anything done without my background noise!

  47. My Bernina 440 QEE keeps a home base in my cluttered sewing room, but enjoys traveling to the kitchen table when I sew. I like the light, and the company of my husband, dog, and kitty when I sew.

  48. Note: I posted to Facebook about a problem logging in and being put into a neverending circle where it was recognizing me but then clicking on this post to comment asked me to log in all over again. I finally figured out what the problem is. Each time (about 6 or more times) I was ticking the ‘remember me’ box. This time I did not tick that and it allowed me to comment and remembered me.

    Anyway, to answer the question, my sewing machine lives in its own room where I am daily at my desk with my computer. My 2nd machine currently lives on my kitchen table where my future DIL has been making adorable dresses for my 1 yr old Granddaughter. They are all living here so she is lucky to have full access to all my fabrics and sewing toys.

  49. Josie, my Bernina 830, lives in SR 2 (formerly known as the living room). Before I was a longarm quilter, I only had one Sewing Room, Now, Josie has moved in with Iris, The Longarm. They live quite happily together where I can embroider and quilt with my tunes on. Life is good!

  50. My Bernina 1090, serger, and embroidery machine are all in the dining room, on the table, ready for use as needed. Love all 3 (but the 1090 is my fav)

  51. My Bernina820 lives in my studio where there is much room and big windows for wonderful light for sewing as well as view for inspiration..

  52. My Bernina lives in my dining room! Before my Bernina, I had another machine that we all call a “boat anchor” that I sold. I use my Bernina by far MORE than I ever used my other “machine”. In fact, I was beginning to hate sewing until I purchased my Bernina…now, I can’t get enough of it!!

  53. My newish one lives in my third bedroom sewing room, the Bernina I inherited from my mom is in my dining room and it stays set up and ready for fmqing.

  54. My Bernina Artista 730e lives in my sewing room. My 830e lives in the trunk of my car! I bought it this morning and will be setting up as soon as possible!

  55. I was tempted to say “anywhere it wants to!” since I have 4 Berninas (830, 730, 210 and Bernette Deco). and also a serger of course. I’ve taken over the smallest bedroom, part of the family room and most of the dining room. Sew much fun!

  56. Being a professional maker and seamstress, my Bernina goes with me as needed, but it does have a nice resting place in my studio. 🙂

  57. My 350 is my traveling companion; my 580 lives in its own lovely Koala Treasure Chest cabinet; and my 801 has its own hallowed spot and lives a life of leisure dreaming of the wonderful times we’ve had over the last 30 years. Hopefully gonna have to make room for that gorgeous 780 I’ve been lusting after!

  58. Two years ago, my hubby built my bernina 165e and I a special room in the back of a (way too big garage). complete with a heat source for our cold new england winters and an air conditioner for the hot summers—my hubby calls it “mom’s Sanctuary”. I love it, and my machine is very seldom alone. 😉

  59. My 710 is on a solid wood sewing cabinet that has drawers (got it at Goodwill). Love it. Maching looks great on it. I have a small sewing room.

  60. I live in Sterling Heights, Michigan. My Bernina sewing/embroidery machine normally sits in my basement on a table next to my serger and travel-size ironing board. It is always ready for projects. Other times it sits on the platform of my Bernina quilting frame connected to my Qbot waiting for the next quilt project to finish. I love my Bernina machine and I love my Bernina dealer: Bits n Pieces in Wayne, Michigan.

  61. Mine lives in my awesome sewing room. My husband made sure there was a huge sewing room in our new house because, he was in the Navy and we moved so much and it was his way of thanking me. It is so big that I can have a craft day and it fits all my friends!!!

  62. my Bernina has it’s own room, and I am looking out on our back yard and water lily pond while I am sewing. Occasionally for big projects like splitting a king size down comforter into 2 twin size ones I will move it to the kitchen island.

  63. My sewing machines have their own room converted from an unused carport. I’m allowed into their room after my wifey chores are done for the day!

  64. My Bernina lives in my dining room, I think my husband is ready to give me my own sewing room for all the accessories, fabrics & notions I have! Sew forever. ☼

  65. My Bernina 830, my can’t give it up old 930, and my 1300 serger live in the sewing mecca. My husband knows to look for me in the mecca whenever he comes home!

  66. Both of my Berninas the 930 and Virtuosa 153 live in my studio, also called by my husband the craft room, spelled with a “p.” Both have different purposes, although they do both well, the 930 is my “quilting” machine and the 153 is my piecing machine. Couldn’t do without one or the other.

  67. Right in front of the sliding door to the deck so I can keep track of what’s going on outside while I sew. Just call me ‘nosy’!

    Carol in San Antonio

  68. My Bernina sits in my basement where I have plenty of cabinets for all my sewing accessories. Next to it is a very large cutting table, countertop high which my husband built for me. A very enjoyable work area.

  69. My 635 loves her room in the basement with all my newly acquired stash & goodies. Sorry pool table, you are now a work space for the latest project.

  70. My Bernina 730 E has her own room however she follows me when necessary. Sometimes she follows me to the 1st floor on either the dining room table to the kitchen table. It’s good to know she’ll follow me anywhere.

  71. well I had to move back in with my parents, so my sewing machine lives in my room with me, when i wanna use it it lives on the dining room table. 🙂 gotta craft where I can 🙂

  72. My sewing machine lives on an old singer table in front of the window in my guest room/sewing room. We are very happy there together watching the birds in the trees and feeling the summer breeze as we create beautiful things.

  73. My Bernina’s, I have tree, are living in my hart. Number one is my Son Sam offcours, then my nr 2 is my 830 (Bernince), nr 3 my 550 QE ( Nina) and then my 1300 MDC ( Beccy) and then comes my Hubby. Shuuuut, don’t tell him he is my sponsor.
    There is always a Benina on my side. In my sewingroom, in my trunk of my care and in classe when I am theaching.
    I would love to have that nife to go with my machines!

  74. My 830 – “Big Bertha” has her own room which she shares with her older sister, a Pfaff 2170 and her young cousin, a Baby lock Evolution serger. They are all excited, because they are getting a new “home” As we clear stuff out of the Craft room, their space will be almost doubled & we’ll have lots of room to play!!

  75. My awesome Bernina 1230 is currently at the Bernina dealership, where it has just received full maintenance and a new bobbin case. However, I will be picking it up today and bringing it home, where it lives in my view-out basement sewing room.

  76. My 440 lives in the former guest room which she will soon share with her pal the 780. She is under a large window and surrounded by quilts and precious fabrics.

  77. My sewing studio which is also known as the 4 season porch. 3 walls of windows and a 59 inch TV. What more could I want. Ok, don’t get me started, Designs Works, a Teflon rolling foot, Bernina Pajamas for sewing in….

  78. My dream! But I want my guest house/ studio on a hill overlooking the beaver pond. Close to what I have bit if only i could close the door and not clean up!

  79. My sewing machine lives in my sewing studio. A big room with lots of storage. My sewing machine does deserve a new table, but that has to wait until after the next move.

  80. My 440QE lives in my bedroom, which doubles as my sewing room. My 1010 is on loan to my niece, who is just learning to sew. My Bernette serger is being held hostage at my daughter’s house. But it’s okay, because she treats her well and gives her attention.

  81. My 440QE resides in The Room with her friends Fabric Stash, Cutting Table, Quilting Books, Pattern Library and Notions Galore. There’s also an alien family in The Room. Their last name is difficult to pronounce so I just call them UFO’s for short.

  82. My Bernina’s live in my sewing room which doubles as my husbands re-loading room. He hasn’t realized it yet but his stuff is slowly being pushed out of the room. Soon it will be ALL MINE!!! HAHAHA!!!

  83. My machines live wherever I want to sew. Primarily they live in my sewing studio, but in the summer one of them goes to the cabin with me for ‘summer retreat quilting’.

  84. I have a Bernina in my sewing loft in Alaska and one that travels back and forth from California in the winter to Washington in the summer to visit my grandchildren…can’t travel without it!

  85. I use our upstairs game room (empty nest now) as my sewing studio/office. It has a large walk in closet, and plenty of room for 2 machines in cabinets, a serger in cabinet, and a 72 by 44 cutting table, large computer desk, ironing board with big board top, 2 bookcases, chest of drawers, and extra folding table (always open). The TV sits on the chest of drawers. I am very lucky.

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